Sex is a subject that is still embarrassing to talk about for many. While there has been some liberation on discussing it, it’s still taboo for some people.

However, if you are having sexual issues, it is something you should discuss with a therapist. There are many who deal with sexual dysfunction, and these therapists can help you.

In this post, we will look at some reasons why you would want to seek help from a sex therapist.

Reasons Why

Performance Issues

When one thinks of a sex therapist, the first thing they may picture is someone who has been having issues with their sex life.

One of the examples you may think of is erectile dysfunction, or ED. This is commonly associated with unhealthy or aging people, but plenty of healthy individuals may have it due to performance anxiety or other reasons.

Performance anxiety is when you’re afraid of how you’ll perform when you have sex. This especially applies to a new sexual partner. For some, they feel like they have to be perfect the first time.

Performance issues can also involve orgasms. For some, premature orgasms are a problem. These can be treated through therapy, and a sex therapist is here to do so. Also, other people may have the opposite problem, being unable to achieve orgasm at all. This is another job for a sex therapist.

Sex therapists can help with any issues relating to performance, from managing anxiety to helping someone achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Traumatic Reasons

A sex therapist may help with trauma that is preventing one from having the best sex life.

For example, a victim of sexual assault may have anxiety or pain whenever they want to have sex with a partner.

The person may want to have sex, but they experience triggers or don’t know how to get their mind off the trauma.

While one cannot “get over” their trauma, a sex therapist is here to help you find ways to manage your triggers and help you to ease your way into sexual activity with your partner.

Uncomfortable Fantasies

We all have sexual fantasies and kinks. However, many of our fantasies can make us uncomfortable. They can range from slightly problematic to full-on taboo. Is it okay to have them as long as they are between consensual adults? Should you feel any guilt? Quite often, you’re afraid to discuss them due to possible backlash.

A good sex therapist will gladly discuss any fantasies you are having, and they will add their input. Being able to explore and discuss sexual fantasies in a safe environment is quite productive.

Exploring Your Sexuality

Exploring your sexuality can happen at any age. As sexuality evolves, you may discover that you’re into a gender you didn’t think you were in.

It’s okay to talk to a therapist and help explore your sexuality. It’s not something that young people experience; as we said, it happens at any age.

Trying New Things

Besides sexuality, you may want to try new things in bed. For your partner, they may be unsure of it.

Obviously, you can’t force a partner to try something new, but a therapist can help them if they want to, but have some anxiety. Trying a new sex act can be done if the people doing it relax and go slow.

Too Much Sex

A sex therapist is associated with people who aren’t having sex, but the opposite can happen as well.

There are people who have hypersexual libidos. This can lead to them having sex with anyone they see, which can be detrimental to one’s relationship. It may also lead to practicing unsafe sex.

A sex therapist may help a person to control their sexual levels and look for triggers that can make it worsen.

Rekindling Intimacy

Sexual intimacy is important in any relationship, but there are many reasons why it doesn’t happen.

For some, it may be due to growing apart with time. For others, an incident may have caused you to mistrust your partner. There may be other reasons as well, such as a long-distance relationship.

A therapist who specializes in sexual relationships can help someone who is having difficulties rekindling their intimacy.


Some people experience pain when touched sexually.

This can be due to anxiety, and also due to other health issues as well. A therapist who specializes in sex can help their clients get to the bottom of why they are feeling this way, and figure out ways to reduce the pain they are experiencing.

And More

Sex therapists will help with any aspect of sex. You don’t have to be in a relationship, either. There are many therapists who work with people who are single as they explore their sexuality or have the best sexual encounters possible.

While some sex problems may require the help of a doctor or psychiatrist, many of them are treatable through some therapy. A therapist may work on a goal-based solution.

Also, if you feel uncomfortable with discussing, a sex therapist is good at letting you open up at your own pace. We mentioned before that sex is something that is is still taboo to discuss in many areas. However, you should remember that your conversation is between you and a therapist.

How Do I Know I Need a Sex Therapist?

One way to know is if the issue becomes chronic. For example, having an awkward performance issue once in a while isn’t something to worry about, typically. However, if it is happening all the time, then it’s important to seek help.

Also, after a trauma or a big change in your life is another reason why it may be ideal to seek help from a therapist.

We say to speak to a sex therapist near you and see how they can help you get back your sex life. There’s nothing to lose in talking to one.

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