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The Struggles Of Being Shy

Being shy is one of the most annoying things ever because it doesn’t allow you to show people how fun and cool you really are. Sadly, there’s no way to get rid of shyness than to force yourself to go out and start talking to people. While this might not seem like something that hard to do, I assure you that shy people will find it quite difficult. Without any further ado, here are some of the funniest memes about the struggles of being shy.


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Unlike me, Leonardo Dicaprio actually managed to get with his crush in the end.

Group Work

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I hope someone invites me in their group because I am too shy to ask!

House Guests

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Well, it looks like I am not going to leave my room for the next couple of hours.


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Let’s hope that she sees me staring at her pizza and decides to offer me a slice because I am starving!


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Come on! Why do you have to do me like this, don’t you know I am shy?

Ordering Food

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You could say that I am in trouble but hey, maybe I won’t stutter this time.


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I would be so rich that I wouldn’t need to go out the house and socialize ever again!

New People

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There’s nothing more awkward than when some new people come in your group and you need to introduce yourself.

Dirty Jokes

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D***, that was completely unexpected!

Asking for Stuff

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Just do me a favor and you ask them because I don’t like talking to new people.

Thinking About It

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One of the most annoying things about being shy is that you’ll overthink everything you say!


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I am just going to hold it in until the bell rings because I don’t want people to start giving me attention.


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Why do I always have to say no to everything?! Great, now I will be thirsty for the entire night.

Ask Them Out!

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Asking your crush out is basically an impossible task when you’re shy.


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Good thing I took my hoodie with me because I don’t want anyone to see me.

Sitting Quietly

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Well, it looks like I am just going to sit here quietly until the bell rings.

Fun Conversation

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Ahh, I wish someone would invite me into that fun conversation.

Talking in Class

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Yo, why do you need to put me on the spot like this? I don’t want to scream.

Making Friends

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Making new friends is just as hard as quantum physics for shy people.

Eye Contact

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Oh no, he saw me! I will just look away and hope that he won’t start talking to me.

Hanging Out

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Hanging out is never an option if you’re a really shy person.

Class Debate

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The struggle of wanting to speak and being too shy to actually do it.

Saying Hi

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Good thing I have my phone to get me out of awkward situations.

School Presentation

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School presentations are a shy kid’s worst nightmare.


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This is exactly how shy people would introduce themselves if they would actually talk to strangers.

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