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The Art Of Roasting People

Roasting is so popular nowadays that it’s almost like a sport, especially in school lunch rooms where everyone comes and tries their best to roast their friends. Even though roasting someone is basically making fun of him, this is seen as a fun activity between friends.

Therefore, roasting people is a skill that you need to master in order to make sure that no one messes with you.

The Squad

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Doesn’t Dave Chapelle and his homies look just like the Migos?


Roasting Session

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Roasting other people with your bae is one of the most fun couple activities ever.


Fake Jordan’s

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Oh no, I hope they don’t see my fake shoes. They should understand that not everybody affords original Js, though.



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Keep them jokes coming because I ain’t phased at all!


Phone Roast

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That awkward moment when your mom is roasting you harder than your friends do.



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Let’s get the roast started! I’ve been preparing for this moment my whole life.


Best Roasters

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The squad is in for some high-level entertainment when the best roasters go at it.



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There’s nothing better than when your homies have your back.



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Grandmas are always awesome! That’s why you should go at her house more often.



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Why do I have to be the next one to get roasted? Somebody, please help me because I don’t know what to do in a roasting session.



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When you know someone’s biggest weakness and you’re ready to hit them right where it hurts.


Group Chat

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I am just trying to be nice to you guys and this is what I get in return?


Say What?!

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What did you say? I guess it’s time for the second round of roasting.


Chicken Legs

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Girl stop, you are going way too far!


Waiting in Line

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I guess there’s nothing else I can do other than to wait for my turn to get roasted.



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No one is able to get away from a roast, not even an NBA star like LeBron.


Helping People

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Can you imagine how mad that guy probably was? At least they’re having fun.



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If you ever get roasted, just think about Kanye’s face, looking like a marshmallow.


My Boys

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If they were really my boys they wouldn’t make fun of me at every opportunity they get.


Group Chat Roast Session

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I think I’d better leave this group chat because all they do is roast me all day long.



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That awkward moment when your friend is getting roasted and you can’t stop from laughing.



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Why are girlfriends always this sensitive? Don’t they know that roasting is a back and forth thing?



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Mom stop roasting me because you are not ready for the heat!


Social Media

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Always be careful about what you post on social media because people will use it as roast material.


Innocent Kid

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Ooh, I didn’t see that one coming! You should never mess with him again.

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