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This is What Moving On Feels Like

Nowadays it seems like people get back in relationships with their exes just for the sake of it, or just because they are afraid of being single. My advice for them is to move on because nothing good is ever going to come out of it. If you’re sick of arguing, then you should put on your best suit or dress, and go out! You never know when you will meet your future bae. Moving on feels great and these memes will show you exactly what you need to do.


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Sometimes you just need to get mad and throw out the trash from your life.


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Are you sorry now? Then why did you do it in the first place?

Inspiration Quote

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There’s nothing more confusing than girls who post inspirational quotes but never follow their own advice.


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It’s never going to be easy to get rid of your toxic ex when you love him, but you need to do it anyway!

Come Back!


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Bye! I don’t want to waste any more time on you. You should have done something nice when we were still together.

Simply, No!

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Did you really think that you had a chance? Nah, think again!

Erasing People

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Do you really think I can’t erase you from my life? Hah, you don’t know me at all!


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Thank you, Lord! Moving on feels good. Until I meet another dude who will hurt my feelings.


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Yea right, keep on missing me! Time to hit that block button again!


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Life would be so much easier if every breakup went like this.

Creeping Up

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Somebody needs to tell my ex that he should move on already.

Get Out!

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Get out of here! I don’t have time for you anymore.


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My boyfriend will never receive permission to move on! Not as long as I am waiting for him…


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I appreciate the offer, but I am going to decline it.

Ugly Girl

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When you just can’t seem to move on even though three years have passed since you two broke up.


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She is really not being judgmental at all! But we all know how Phoebe is.


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Moving on is not as easy as it might seem because every little thing reminds you of bae.


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That awesome moment when your ex wants to get back with you but you couldn’t care less.

Bad Influence


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Life will never be easy when you’re the worst influence in your life. Maybe you should listen to someone else’s advice for once.

Good Morning!

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Good thing I moved on from my ex because I was all fed up with his lies.


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Dogs are certainly a better option than boys since they will never do you wrong!

Peace Out!

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Are you asking if we can be friends? I don’t know what good that will do, so my answer is no.

Best Friend

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Are you serious girl? I thought you moved on! Why am I even bothering to teach you stuff?

New Girlfriend

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That awesome feeling you get when you see that your ex downgraded.

Looking Bad

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What else can I say other than good riddance?

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