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Memes That Are Too Pure For This World

There are memes that make you laugh, memes that make you sad, and even memes that make you angry. There’s one emotion we forgot, though, and that’s happiness. Memes can definitely make a person happy, but what you’ll see today will make that seem like an understatement. We scoured the internet to find these images, and they are the absolute purest of memes. Today’s article is going to give you the feels, so prepare yourself. Here are 25 wholesomely pure memes.

Bob Ross

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Now that’s a true artist if I’ve ever seen one.

Can’t fail

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You can only improve!

Parents skyping

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A funny new experience.

Favorite person

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You there! You’re my favorite person!

Wholesome hobby

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This guy is a true character.

Come home safe

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Hey you, thanks for caring about my well-being.

Made into a meme

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Never be mad about this!

Being a duck

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My life has been accomplished.


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Box of dogs

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We could all use a box of those.

Have a nice day

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I should go thank him for his kindness.

Water park

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You’re never too old to go to the water park!

Best advice

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We all need to hear something like this.

Baby on a plane

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Do your thing! Remix that beat!

Hamster pancakes


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The best kind of pancakes you will ever find in your life!

Dog watches TV

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That’s an amazing mom.

Reasons to live

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Never get upset, because people care about you!

If I had a dollar

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That’s right, I’d be filthy stinking rich!


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Anyone know how to count past infinity?

Can’t relate


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You better treat them with respect or it’s gonna get ugly.

Mental illness

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There’s no time to waste, you must get to her as soon as possible.

Best friend

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They’re just so beautiful!

Spending time alone

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I don’t need anyone else to enjoy life!

Not a thief

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Way to go, grandpa!

Green light

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Take your time buddy. There’s no rush.



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