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24 Relatable Memes About Protecting Your Friends

Our friends are the ones who make our lives interesting and everything would be so boring without them. This is why we need to take care of them whenever they make bad decisions or they’ve partied too hard and need a little help. However, it doesn’t stop here because we need to put a high price on friendships and enjoy the moments that we spend together. With that being said, these following memes will show us how great having friends is.

The Ex

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Isn’t it annoying how our friends don’t listen to the advice we give them about their exes? They never learn their lesson.

Looking After Your Friends


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Taking care of your friends is not easy when they’ve partied a little too hard. Just make sure that they don’t do anything stupid.


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That awesome moment when your best friend has your back and starts roasting the people that you hate.

Taking Care of Each Other

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This is how you make great memories! In case you haven’t noticed, that is a mannequin.

Social Media

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One of the best things about having good friends is that you can show them who you really are and goof around together.

Dumb Stuff

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I think I might need to start protecting my friend from herself. Now, how do I get her to shut up?

I Tried

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You’ll never be able to protect your friend when she doesn’t want to be helped.


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I need to stop making this type of jokes around my friend if I want to protect him.

Now Kiss!

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That awesome moment when you feel like Cupidon for bringing two people together.

After You!

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What better way of having fun with your friend other than doing something wild?


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Go ahead, girl! I will support you through your petty phase. 

Funny Photos

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When you actually want to protect your friend but what she’s doing is so funny that you need to take a photo.

Unemployed Friends

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Are you guys for real? Stop having fun without me!

No Brain


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Sit still! I am trying to see if there’s something wrong with you. 


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Do you know what? You’d better start tagging me in memes as well or else…

Free Food

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I would probably never get out the house if it weren’t for my friends.


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Come on, dude! Are you serious?? What are you even learning when you’re at school?

School Presentation

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You always need to support your friends, no matter where you are!

Designated Driver

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This is just one of the struggles of being the designated driver.

Bad Boys

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When your best friend is way too gullible and you need to protect her from bad boys.

Friendship Contract

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I think we might need to go over the rules of our friendship contract once again because you’re failing to meet the demands!


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You always need to protect your friends from getting back with their ex because love blinds them and they can’t see how wrong things are.


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This should be a lesson for you to always listen to my advice.


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This is how annoying it can be when you need to protect your friend after a long night out.

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