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25 Ultimate Memes Of Wisdom

There are some moments in life when you just need some words of wisdom. Fortunately, you will always have your parents and friends to give sound advice that’s going to help you get through your struggles. However, this doesn’t mean that you should follow all the advice that you receive because not everyone you know is full of wisdom. With that being said, let’s check out some hilarious memes about wisdom and sound advice.


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I never knew that procrastination was the path to wisdom.


Gym Advice

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Get ready because I am about to drop some wisdom on you.



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Maybe you should learn your lesson and start following the advice I give you from now on.


Telling Jokes

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I didn’t ask for wisdom and life advice! I was just telling a joke.


Gordon Ramsay

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Now, this advice is as good as it gets.



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This dog looks like it has been meditating since the beginning of time!


Single People

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Isn’t it funny how single people always give the best relationship advice?



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This is what you get for not following the words of wisdom I gave you!


Smart Man

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Girls, if you’re looking for a smart, educated man that’s filled with wisdom then this guy is perfect for you!


Girl Advice

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I am not sure if this advice really works but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.



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Yeah, the only reason I am broke is that I am afraid of getting robbed, not because I am too lazy to work.


Helpful Advice

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Listen to Admiral Ackbar because he knows what he’s talking about!



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Now, this is how you make a proper salad!


All Black

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Just dress all black and you’ll never need fashion advice ever again!



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When you’re not sure on how good the wisdom you are dropping is and you don’t want to be responsible for the consequences.


Relationship Advice

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I don’t need your wisdom, just keep your mouth shut!



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From the looks of it, I’ve been following Dean’s words of wisdom for all my life.


The Simpsons

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This might not be the best wisdom that you can give to a kid, but it’s true nonetheless.



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This dog is definitely a master of meditation and he is probably filled with wisdom.


Mom Help!

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Being an adult is not easy and this is why we should always call our parents for advice whenever we get in trouble.



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When you need some quick wisdom but your friend is not that good at typing. 


Giving Advice

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Why do I even bother giving my friends sound advice when they never hear what I say anyway?



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Girls need to learn how to share their wisdom!


Ignoring My Advice

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This is how it feels like when my friends are ignoring the advice and wisdom I drop on them.


The Best Advice!

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The only reason I possess so much wisdom is that I’ve been through it all!

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