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Arguing Seems To Be Everybody’s Hobby

Everybody loves that awesome feeling you get after winning an argument and that’s a fact. Getting in arguments with your bae is the perfect way to spice things up and to see if bae really cares about your relationship. However, some people seem to take it up a notch and see arguing as a hobby. You know the people I am talking about, those that can never keep their mouths shut and always find something to argue about. The funny thing about this is that you might actually be the one who loves starting drama. Nonetheless, let’s see what these memes have to say about arguing.

Breaking Up

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You always need to be careful about why you start augments because they might backfire and you’ll end up alone.


First Name

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Oh, so I am not bae anymore? Then it means you’re really mad.



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You don’t need to give me permission to start arguing because I’m going to do it anyway!


Social Media

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Try to be careful about what you post or share on social media because bae is always watching!



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That awesome moment when somebody tries to argue with you without knowing that you have all the facts down. 



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Who needs facts in order to win an argument when they can simply scream at the top of their lungs instead?



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Come on bae, can’t we just chill and have a good time instead of arguing all day?


Baby Girl

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Boys take some lessons, this is how you can calm bae down.



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Girls don’t even need a good reason to start an argument, they can do it whenever they want.


Are You Done?

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Are you serious? I am just getting started!


Christmas Party

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Come on guys, can you stop arguing already? It’s Christmas, let’s try to be chill for one day.



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Don’t you think it’s funny how wine manages to get everyone in arguments? Even shy people start mouthing off after a glass or two.


No Reason

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D***, it looks like I should stop trying to get in arguments over every small thing.



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It seems like Beyonce is thinking about getting into a fight about Jay Z’s mysterious “Becky with the good hair”.



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Why did you stop? I thought you wanted to know why I am mad?



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This doesn’t sound like a good way to make new friends. What do you think?



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Oh, d*** I was wrong all along. She must never know that I feel sorry about it.


Side Chick

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This is just one of the struggles that side chicks go through.




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This is how the homegirls will back up your bae when she’s ready to start arguing. 


Staying Mad

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Staying mad after an argument with bae is not an option.


Plan B

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Let’s just hope he starts feeling sorry for making you cry and stops arguing.


Always Ready To Go

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Are you trying to argue with me? Oh, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.



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Let’s see what pictures he liked today and I am surely going to find a good reason to fight.


A Game

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Maybe she will learn her lesson not to start fighting with me anymore.


Block Contact

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This is exactly what you need to do with people who always try to start drama for no reason.

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