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The Feeling You Get When It’s Payday

The most expected day of the month for many of us is the PAYDAY. It’s like all stress and worries go away as it edges closer. But then instead of keeping all the money to yourself, you start paying bills, buying food and when you think you got to even save a few bucks, you end up spending them all on useless things. Just hang in a few more days with us, cause there’s going to be other future paydays to cash in and waste anyway. Whatever the situation, it’s important that you relax for a second and laugh at these moments we’ve all been through.

Exotic Doggo

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When you waste away all the money you were supposed to save for difficult times but can’t help yourself.

I Need This

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When you get the money you worked hard for and you feel like the king of the world so you deserve anything you bought on payday.

Being Broke

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When you wanted to buy something else for yourself but payday came and quickly disappeared after it went to all the bills.

Treat Yourself

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When you start hitting all those restaurants you said you’d never step inside just to enjoy the feeling of being rich for a day.

Unnecessary Stuff

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When it’s payday and you NEED that stuff because it’s as vital as food or as paying rent.


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When you spent all the money on beauty products and now you’re eating Ramen but at least you’re looking hot again.

The MEal

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When it’s payday it means that you can afford whole meals again, even if it’s for a short period of time. At least you’ve got priorities!


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When you’re down and nothing can cheer you up but you remember tomorrow is payday so you come back to life.

Stupid Bills

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When you don’t have a second to enjoy all that money because you have to give it away on bills.



A Memory

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When you live life to the full on the week that you got your check, but starve to the end of the month while thinking of the next payday.

Making It

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When you almost lose your hope and strength to survive while waiting for your payday. Come on, four more days, you can do it!


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When you can’t get it why life is so cruel and it won’t let you spend money on stuff you don’t really need.

Saving Money

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When you can’t contain your inner demons and you start buying all those weird things that you don’t need and you end up eating cereal for dinner because payday is in two days.

Money On Food

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When you’d rather eat your whole paycheck than using it for other priorities. Save some money for food for the rest of the month, though!

Three Days After

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When you’re not very good at keeping your finances and you realize your check is gone after three days of living the dream.

Saving Cash

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When you forget about what’s important – like bills and food, but you’re a diva and you really need to be covered in gold. At least for a few seconds and then you take everything back.

Friday Night

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When you get your check on a day you’re planning to celebrate and you’re crying and partying at the same time because you know you’re going to be broke the next day.

The Horse

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When you get all those expensive things on a payday and you live for a bare minimum the rest of the month.

The Rent

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When you feel rich as h*** as soon as you realize you don’t have to pay the rent on your payday.

After Payday

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When you treat yourself like a queen for a few days with your paycheck and the other 27 days you feel like a beggar.

I Got Paid

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When you see your check for a second and then the bills take it all away. If only you saved some money these past months.

Take It All

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When you’re broke after literally throwing your paycheck out the window but you still got a sense of humor buried inside.

Bank Account

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When you can’t believe how beautiful your bank account is with all that money deposited. How long will it last?

The Aisle

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When you’re feeling relieved that you can buy yourself the things you love again after you got your paycheck.

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