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When You’re Ready To Tie The Knot

There are people who after spending a few years in a relationship they are still “not sure” if it’s the right time to tie the knot and people who would do that anytime. Maybe they are very mature or maybe they just have no idea what they are about to do. Either way, make sure that you’re ready to make such a big step. If you’re still not sure what to do, check out these funny memes to see how people react in similar situations.

I Do!

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Hasn’t your mom taught you not to believe anything you hear? He’s hiding some ugly truth.

Dream Proposal

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Perfect modern proposal do exist and this is a very good example.

Surprise Wedding

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When was the last time your relatives were so nice to you? Run, Forest, run!

Ugly Truth

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BFFs make perfect life partners, and this picture says it all, so be careful what you choose for yourself if you really want it to be forever!

Proposal Nails

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Well, don’t get yourself fooled into thinking is all about the nails. Doing them won’t guarantee you’ll get a proposal. But you can still try.

Wedding Goals

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Let’s hope the groom will be smart enough to chop some onion before, so everybody (including you) is happy.

The Wedding… Pizza

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When you marry you BF something like this is more than a scenario, it’s real and tasty.

Find Him

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Well, he better disappear forever or he’ll have to face your daddy. Poor guy!

You Wish

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Y’all know that feeling when you crush seems to be finally noticing you. Don’t jump to the conclusion, he might just need to borrow some money.

Wedding Fail

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You like to dream about getting married with your crush, but meanwhile, you should get 224514 cats and a dog so you don’t feel alone.

Normally Is Overrated

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You should act normally, but there’s a big chance you will, trip, fall or swallow your gum. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us when we get in love.

Where Did You Find Him?

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Are you sure you are not dreaming? If so, make everything you can to marry such a guy.

Ultimate Solution

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Forever alone? No! Just in a complicated relationship with your inner self. Embrace who you are and move forward.

Persuasion Methods

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That’s a smart one! If you can’t think of any similar trick, learn how to cook. It still works!

What’s Wrong With Cats?

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Well, cats aren’t that bad, you know? They are fluffy and nice. Kidding, you are single forever!


Who Understands Women?

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Don’t even try! Understanding women is a science for aliens, probably. You don’t understand women, you just love them!

There Is A Reason For Everything

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Well, not anyone has to get married. Maybe we are supposed to discover the cure for cancer or maybe we just are… ugly.

A Large Family

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Well, marriage isn’t really about dogs, but you can still get one or two. If only raising children would be as easy as having a dog…

Almost Believed It

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Haven’t we told you not to jump to the conclusion? Now you’ll have to explain to him why you screamed and why you are sobbing.

Funny Proposal

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Don’t want to take any chances? Then make a creative proposal and just enjoy the view of her smiling and crying.

Onion Proposal

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The onion proposal is something we never thought about. But you can try it if you are ready to risk everything. Don’t tell us we didn’t tell you!

Your Demons Play Well With Mine

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So you are a witch and he’s a wizard? Does everybody use to tell you you’ll never find someone like yourself? Prove them wrong!

Single Means A New Chance

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If she/he didn’t notice you in the first place, what makes you believe this time will be better? Oh, you did visit a surgeon, I see!

Your Time Has Come

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Start praying and maybe you’ll get lucky. Meantime go shopping and get a new pair of shoes to raise your self-worth.

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