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The Ultimate Memes About When You Can Relate Part 2

We’re back with more relatable ‘When You’ memes, this time with fresh, never before seen memes that are sure to have you crying of laughter. If you thought the first edition was any good, you’re in for something special today. Here are 25 more ‘When You’ memes.

Getting ready to roast

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Getting ready to tear you apart.

Saying your name

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What y’all sayin about me?

Spending $100

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6 more dollars? Sorry that’s too much, gonna have to cancel the order.

Song about your ex

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The depression is real.


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You will die slowly, fool.


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Following every instruction is essential for best taste.


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And then she’s like “what is this extra $5 charge?” when looking at the receipt.

Gaining weight

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Welp, now I really feel fat.

Group chat

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Thanks for the quality entertainment, friends.

Texting at 1am

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Girl, can’t you tell I want you?

Good boy

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I’m perfect all by myself.


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Excuse me, you are invading my private space.

Washing dishes

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What do you think I am? A cleaning machine?


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Who are you trying to fool?


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Who even calls anymore? Texting is so much better.

Preparing for a duel

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Times have changed. It is the age of keyboard warriors.

20 piece nuggets

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How do they even expect anyone to last 20 nuggets with only two sauces?


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Do I look like I have 10 hands?

Eating donuts

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Should have grabbed the baseball bat from under the bed.

Seating chart

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Luck is on my side.

Your mom

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“I’ll be with you in just a moment.”

Third plate

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Why can’t I just be fat and live in peace?


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They’ll never see it coming.

Leave me alone

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Well dang, I didn’t mean for this to happen.


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Trying so hard to hold it in.


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