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Chic Outfits for That Office Holiday Party

When it comes to friendly gatherings, we trust that you’ve got your style game on lock, but office parties are another battle entirely. It’s not that you’re incapable of compiling a great outfit, it’s that when bosses and colleagues are involved, suddenly the tides of style etiquette turn, and one misstep can lead to endless cracks behind your back. It’s sad, but true. This is why it’s important to map out a game plan to ensure you’re the belle of the ball, not the office clown.

When in doubt during office party season, it’s hard to go wrong with lace. From a lace blouse to a lace midi-skirt, these sophisticated pieces will pair fabulously with anything from classic turtlenecks to sheer blouse and camisole pairings. Pair a lace blouse with a pair of trousers or palazzo pants for a new spin on a classic ensemble. Don’t forget to finish it off with a stunning ruby red lip!

We adore jumpsuits for more reasons than one, and this fab little garment is the perfect option for adding style to your office holiday party. Opt for a neutral shade and utilize accessories to take the look one step further into wow territory. A pair of sleek strappy sandals is all you need to complete the look in a cinch.

Sequins are a given during the holidays, and no one is saying you can’t incorporate these into your office look. Opt for a pretty sequined skirt, blouse or blazer to incorporate some much-needed cheer into the occasion.

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