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Glam Up Your Halloween With These Fashion-Inspired Costumes

Halloween is just a few days away and it’s officially panic time if you haven’t gotten your costume line-up in order. While the standard kitty cat, gypsy or sailor girl are no doubt adorable, sometimes a high-fashion costume is just what you need to make a statement, no matter what party you attend. This year, travel off the beaten path and choose one of these super cool and super stylish looks to get your jollies. From the Queen of the magazine industry to everyone’s favorite Gossip Girl, there is no shortage of fierce costumes to choose from. Work it!

There’s nothing spookier than fashion’s most feared creature. Anna Wintour is known for her over-the-top demands and icy demeanor, which is why she makes the perfect Halloween costume. Scoop up a bobbed wig with bangs, throw on some oversized sunnies and throw on your most glamorous sheath dress to channel the Vogue editor in a cinch.

Surely you’ve got a few headbands stashed away in your closet. Bust it out and opt for a Blair Waldorf inspired getup sure to make Gossip Girl fans jump for joy. A preppy outfit, brown locks and a little attitude go a long way when it comes to this stellar Blair look.

One of fashion’s most beloved characters, Karl Lagerfeld, makes for a fierce costume, alright. And a super simple one, too! Some grey hair paint, a pair of black sunglasses and a black blazer are pretty much all you need to become Aunt Karl in no time.

Photo: Hair Romance

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