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20 Man-Made DIY PVC Toys You Can Make For Your Kids’ As a Dad
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Before you look at the list of 20 DIY toys made with PVC, go ahead and clear off a space on the shelf for your Father of the Year Award. After you have made only a couple of these toys out of PVC pipe, your kids will definitely vote for you.

So grab some PVC pipe from the hardware store and a saw, you are on your way to winning the award this year! There is a link at the end to the DIY Youtube video on how to make each toy shown in the following photos.

20. PVC Blow Gun Revolver

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The kids on the block may have a PVC blow gun, but chances are they don’t have a revolver. While they are shooting one round at a time, your kids won’t have to reload as much.

19. PVC Mini Cannon

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The PVC Mini Canon can shoot dried beans or any other type of ammo that will fit down the barrel. Pull back on the rubber band and let it launch.

18. PVC Nerf Blow Gun

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The Nerf Blow Gun holds its ammo and can hit a target from 50′ away. Easy project to make and will provides hours of fun for yourself…er…your kids.

17. PVC Crossbow

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If Dad is a crossbow hunter, chances are the kids want to be one also. That is why I like the PVC Crossbow. This project is more detailed but provides a lot of fun after it is made.

16. PVC Bow

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The PVC bow is a simple toy to make and if the draw needs to be less for a smaller child, you can make a smaller one. Video directions on how to make this and all of the PVC toys are contained in a video at the end.

15. PVC Paper Rocket Launcher

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Some PVC pipe and a 2 liter bottle will provide your kids hours of fun with the paper rocket launcher. You can hold a contest to see who can launch the paper rocket the farthest.

14. PVC Rubber Band Gun

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Did you grow up with the wooden rubber band gun?  Did you play cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers? This easy to make PVC rubber band gun will give your kids the same fun we had when we were young.

13. Mini PVC Crossbow for Kids

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The PVC Mini Crossbow has a simple design and is not too powerful, a perfect toy to help pass the summer boredom.

12. PVC Water Gun

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A better way to play in the water than just running through the sprinklers, and with the hose attached, they have an endless supply of water.

11. PVC Homemade Water Park

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A fun project that several kids can enjoy at the same time, the PVC Homemade Water Park is a great idea. While this design is simple, you can put your Dad touches on it and make it HUGE.

10. PVC Snow Maker

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What a great idea for those living in climates where snow doesn’t fall. The PVC Snow Maker can be built for around $15.00

9. PVC Marshmallow Gun

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If you have the small marshmallows in the pantry, turn them into ammunition with the PVC Marshmallow Gun. It will give the kids hours of fun while being able to reuse the ammo.

8. PVC Pipe Soccer Goal

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If you have a little soccer star growing up in your house, the PVC Pipe Soccer goal is a great way to help them hone their skills. It provides more fun than just kicking the ball around.

7. PVC Sword

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The PVC Sword may require more supervision, because you know one kid will knock the other one with it. So make one for Dad and join in the fun.

6. PVC Nunchucks

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After introducing your kids to Bruce Lee, the next thing to do is build them their own nunchucks out of PVP pipe. Figure eights, helicopter spins and hand switches are in their future.

5. PVC Ninja Sai

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The PVC Pipe Ninja Sai is another martial arts favorite. And it is easy to make. The link for directions on how to make all of these PVC pipe toys will be at the end.

4. PVP Pipe Atlatl

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The Atlatl is also known as a spear thrower. It only requires two components to make. This will provide the older kids hours of fun in the backyard.

3. PVC Pipe Jousting Sticks

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How does Dad settle an argument between kids?  Send them into the backyard with the PVC Pipe Jousting Sticks.With a 2 liter bottle at the end, nobody will get hurt and the kids can have some fun in the end.

2. PVC Foam Toy

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If the little ones are wanting to enjoy the fun with jousting, this is a great way to ensure they are safe while playing with the older kids.

1. PVC Pipe Balloon Gun

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The PVC Pipe Balloon gun launches pencils across the room. Set up targets and see who can hit it first. If Dad wants to show off a little, practice while the kids are sleeping.

Below is the video detailing all of these toys made out of PVC pipe. At the bottom of the video is a link for the specific toy you are wanting to build.

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