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The Best Smart Wallets For Men
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There’s no denying that you work hard to earn your money and keeping it safe is a priority. This is why you should consider buying a high-quality wallet that will keep your credit cards, IDs and other important documents in one place.

I am talking about smart wallets that come with incredible features such as fingerprint security and the ability to connect them to your smartphone. However, this doesn’t mean that you need a high-tech wallet because regular ones will also do their job. Today we’re going to take a look at 25 awesome wallets that are perfect for hard working men.


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Walli is a smart wallet that can be connected to a smartphone in order to send notifications to it. One of Walli’s coolest features is that it’s able to be tracked through an app which makes it impossible to lose it.

DIY Leather Wallet

If you’re more on the resourceful side and would prefer not to spend a whole lot on buying a fancy leather wallet, why not try your hand at making your own. It’s really not as hard as you might think.


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Cashew is a wallet that looks like a something that’s been taken out from Star Trek. This wallet features fingerprint security and it is able to store 20 individual fingerprints which mean that your entire family can have access to it but only if you wish so.


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This wallet comes equipped with an 8GB USB drive and electronic key among others. However, what makes it stand out is that it features NFC and Bluetooth which means it can be easily tracked at all times.

Ekster Wallet

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Just like the previous wallet, this one also allows you to track it. In addition, the wallet is always going to be monitored on your smartphone through a special app.

Wocket Smart Wallet

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This electronic wallet is great for men who don’t like stuffing their pockets with cards and cash. The reason why I am saying this is because the Wocket wallet is able to scan and store up to 10,000 credit card informations and then use them whenever needed.


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Just like we’ve seen with previous wallets, Woolet is also equipped with tracking features. However, what makes Woolet shine is the fact that it’s been specially designed to look classy instead of gadget-like.


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This wallet might not be able to connect to a smartphone but it doesn’t mean it’s not highly useful. Qiger has been equipped with a bunch of special places where you can store your keys and never lose them again!

Tom Brown

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This Thom Browne wallet is as classy as it gets. The pebble-grain design makes this wallet perfect for special occasions when you need to wear a suit, but not only that since it can be used on a daily basis as well.

Vault Wallet

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This awesome wallet is made all out of aluminum and it is equipped with a button which makes your credit cards pop out.

Mini Safe Wallet

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As its name implies, this wallet is as strong as a safe. It is ideal for men who carry large amounts of cash with them.

Billet Vault

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This all American wallet is made out of two strong pieces of aluminum and its slim size makes it weigh only 84 grams.

Grabado Tech+

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Just like all smart wallets, this one is also being tracked at all times. However, the cool thing about this one is that it will send notifications to your phone whenever you start getting distanced from it which means that you will never lose your wallet.

Jackfish Survival Wallet

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Men who love going out in the woods and getting in tune with nature will love this wallet because it includes all the pieces to a Swiss Knife.


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This Balenciaga wallet is for men who want to let the entire world know that they put a high price on quality and that they can afford it.

Dosh Luxe6

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This bright colored wallet is made out of Desmopan which is a water resistant material that’s rough and soft to the touch at the same time.

Sapling Wood Wallet V2

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We’ve seen all types of high-tech and leather wallets until now but this one is quite different. This wallet is made all out of wood and it’s held together by a special rubber. The best thing about this wallet is that you can swipe your cards directly instead of taking them out.

Ridge Wallet 2.0

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This wallet is as minimalist as it can get and still be highly functional at the same time. The two strong metal plates are being kept in place by a rubber band that can also be used to hold money.

Broccoli Wallet

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Just like the previous wallet, this one also features a minimalist design. Although, The Broccoli wallet is actually durable despite its simple design.

Dash 4.0

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This is one of the most popular wallets in the world right now with over 50,000 units sold in 59 countries. The slim yet functional design and Canvas Saffiano leather are what make Dash 4.0 so popular.

Urban Slim Wallet

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Do you hate carrying around bulky wallets that can’t even fit in your pocket? Well, then this is the perfect wallet for you! It’s slim, light and it can carry numerous cards at the same time.

Ping Wallet

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The Ping Wallet features Bluetooth 4.0 which means it can be connected to both Android and iOS smartphones. In addition, this wallet also comes with a built in speaker and GPS which makes it basically impossible to lose.

Safe Wallet Case

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Your phone and wallet are the two most precious things you carry around every day and this is the best way to keep them both safe!


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The reason why this wallet has a place on our list is that it’s made out of iodized aluminum or carbon fiber which makes it impenetrable by RFID scanning.

Tru Virtu Wallets

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This is spacious and sleek looking wallet that comes with RFID scanning protection.

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