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The Coolest Projects Made Out Of Barn Wood
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Old barn wood brings images of old farms and early American pioneers. More and more people are busying finding new solutions to decorate their houses with, or add structures made out of reclaimed wood. More importantly, the wear and tear of time makes the wood look weathered and vintage.

Barn wood can be used in furniture applications as flooring, dining tables, chairs, mirrors and much more. We found some of the coolest ideas around the web that are easy to craft by yourself. Check them out!

Glass Hanger

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Get a piece of wood and 12 nails and you’re halfway through! Add some lights below to illuminate the glasses in the dark and they’re going to look great in your man cave.

Shoe Rack

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Get three wooden boards and some pipes to create a small shoe rack. It looks western and it is perfect for a small hallway. It’s an easy project to make in your garage.

End Table

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If you find some old barn wood, you can create a small end table. Grab your tools and some nails and head over to your workbench to make a couple of these in no time!

A Bench

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Find some old chairs, paint them in your favorite color and nail a few wood barn boards over them to make this interesting bench. Easy, right?


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Take some sturdy thick wood boards and a couple of metal stands to create this amazing bookshelf. It looks great and manly at the same time. You can put some books or different items on them.

Dining Table

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The best way to reuse barn wood is to make a farmhouse table. Take the largest boards and after you properly cleaned them all, attach them to a picnic table frame.


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If you have some scattered barbed wire and you want to create something to decorate a wall or to give as a gift, then try this simple project. The final product couldn’t look more stylish with the combination of weathered barn wood and vintage barbed wire.

Sliding Barn Door

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Sliding doors are the best when you need to save space. Why not have an old, salvaged barn door to add a rustic and warm feel to your house?

Mirror Frame

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Find a basic mirror in a shop and frame it using reclaimed barn wood. It’s easy and affordable to make and it will add some nice texture to the whole setting.

Wall Mount

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Find different textures and colors of wood and you’ll be able to create an interesting wall mount with little shelves to support some souvenirs you gathered in time.

Bathroom Shelves

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Find a few industrial pipes and some barn wood boards to make bathroom shelves. Get some tools and start working on this easy project. Don’t forget to seal the wood with a waterproof lacquer.

Standing Bathroom Cabinet

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Get some barn wood boards and nails, treat the wood with a waterproof sealer and create a cabinet. It gives a rustic feel and is very good for storing towels, rolls of paper, bathroom products and so on.


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Find a few iron handles and attach them to some barn wood boards to create these rustic trays. For a professional look, you could play with the edges by making a few carvings.

Hall Tree

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A hall tree is handy for when you come home and need to hang a coat and place your shoes. You can make one by using some barn wood boards, nails, coat hangers and a mirror.


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Nail together some clean and treated barn wood boards, add lights and you have yourself a cheap and unique headboard. Try to create an uneven look for a more natural style.

Storage Container

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Are you searching for a solution to save space? This stand looks sturdy and is great for vegetables, kitchen supplies, and bathroom towels.

Entryway Bench

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Start by building the bench and the shoe boxes and add long boards as a frame to create coat hangers. It has an open back that reveals the wall but you can cover it if you want.


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Make the staircase a centerpiece by coating it with old salvaged wood boards. Get some boards and start measuring, cutting and nailing them into the original stairs.

Entertainment Center

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Making a piece of furniture like this entertainment center can be a difficult project. You will also need a lot of materials. It takes patience to create it but the result will be worth your time.

Console Table

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Use a wooden barn beam as a console table by adding a metal frame stand under it. It gives a natural and rustic look to your place and goes well with nautical decorations.

Light Fixtures

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You can make all sorts of things out of reclaimed barn wood. Use a beam and hang a few cage chandeliers or various Edison light bulbs.

Coffee Table

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Industrial and rustic mix together to create a modern look with this piece of furniture. It would look great in your man cave and it’s an easy to do project once you have the metal frame.

Glass Coffee Table

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Another interesting style is this design which uses old windows and old barn wood. You can add anything you like inside the table.

Towel Hanger

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You can decorate your bathroom wall with a towel holder and a vintage handle.

Fireplace Mantel

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An antique piece of wood makes a one-of-a-kind fireplace mantle. It’s great in combination with historic brick or modern finishes. It will be an impressive design to have in your man cave.

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