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Essential Power Tools Guide for Men
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This isn’t a guide for every man out there, as we don’t tend to use power tools on daily basis. Regardless, at some point in our lives, we have to start from scratch. The following information will help you to get familiar with power tools, essentials and some of the applicable examples etc. Read on…

For easy referencing, the following power tools are assorted from lowest to highest pricing order.

Dremel 7300 Rotary Tool

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Rotary tools from Dremel aren’t exactly the best depiction of “heavy machinery” or power tools for that matter. But still, the 7300 Rotary Tool series has stood up to the mark by helping men through tardy copper piping, grinding, messy welding – so on and so forth. This one has got over 7 different attachments and is just about good as any other product on the market.

Black and Decker Jigsaw

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I like to prefer Black and Decker Jigsaw over other brands because it is affordable, and equally powerful as the expensive counterparts. This 4.5 Amp Jigsaw can carve its way through wood like a hot knife through butter. There is a wire guard sightline channel in there too – i.e. if you are looking to perform some intricate designing on wood with maximum visibility factor.

Weller Soldering Station

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To be honest, soldering is more of an art rather than relying on the comfort of a high profile soldering station. An experienced person can always distinguish between amateur soldering and professional soldering because there is a h*** ov’ a difference when it comes to patching those wires and iron together. Regardless, the Weller Soldering Station comes with a cushion gripped pencil iron and it can be trusted with doing detailed soldering work with ease and comfort.

Makita Random Orbital Sander Kit

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Just when you need a high quality handheld sander kit, Makita is there to lend assistance. This product guarantees a frustration free sanding process on any type of wood. The best part is that it only consumes 3 Amp power while churning out 12,000 orbits per minute. The speed can be changed as per your desired output.

Bosch Fixed Base Router

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Routers are a great way of trimming, carving or shaping wood blocks. They reduce time too – i.e. if you know what you are doing, and have properly laid out the outlines where cuts need to be made on the wood. Bosch’s Fixed Base router is one of many models introduced by the company. This one is cheap and it’s perfect for use in-home.

Dewalt Cordless Reciprocating Saw

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Dewalt Reciprocating Saw blends powerful cutting edge performance with a rotating 4 position lever action clamp. More so, since it is a wireless saw, you can move it easily across large pieces of wood without any frustration or whatsoever. This d*** thing consumes battery life rather quickly, so you might want to buy an extra pair.

Milwaukee Hammer Drill

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A drill is considered to be the brain and brawn of power tools. It is probably because of how men have been associated with the image of a drill in their hands. Milwaukee Hammer Drill is a real showstopper; all thanks to its ability to handle a number of heavy duty jobs. Plus, it runs on lithium ion batteries, so you have the convenience of taking it beyond the reach of a traditional power cord.

Shop Vac 12 Gal. Vacuum Cleaner

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Shop Vac’s Vacuum cleaner is the perfect addition to a professional or home based hardware workstation. Ideally, this product is best used at workspaces where there’s a lot of debris, wood shavings, chippings, nail clippings etc. to scoop from the floor. Yes, it can clean dusty rugs too, but this vacuum cleaner is best suitable for hardy jobs.

Hitachi Finish Nailer

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This nail gun is combined with a built in duster, a spacious magazine at tilted angle and high speed performance. It is good for large scale home based projects where you have to hammer a ton of nails in a kitchen cabinetry or a DIY wood working task.

Porter Cable Pancake Compressor

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Though some people half expect from the Pancake Compressor to literally cook pancakes, but that’s not the case. On the contrary, this machine is a powerful tool for storing up to 6 gallons of air alongside 150 Psi limit. The best part is that Porter Cable Pancake Compressor is also compatible with multiple air powered tools. It comes with 13 accessory heads and can save the cost on labor and frustration at the same time.

Wen Gas Powered Generator

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We all need generators at some point in our lives. Whether it is a power outage, or a simple project that has to be completed outside of the workstation, a generator needs to be relied upon for power source. Wen Portable Gas Powered Generator churns out 1,500 watts of raw power, and it can last from anywhere between 6 – 9 hours depending on fuel storage.

Aircat 1150 Impact Wrench

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Although there are tons of impact hammers and wrenches available in the market, Aircat’s 1150 comes quite close to a perfectly calibrated handheld power tool. It can output a maximum of 1,400 powerful blows per minute. The average torque/ force per blow is 1,300 Lbs. approx. On top of that, the product itself is known for producing the minimum amount of noise in a quiet environment.

Skilsaw Worm Drive Circular Saw

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In case you need a high quality portable circular saw, Skilsaw products can be counted on. It features a 15 Amp dual motor, and can operate at a maximum output of 5,300 Rpm. It is a lightweight product that stays cool throughout the tenure of all-day-long tough cutting jobs.

Dewalt Compact Job Site Table Saw

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All thanks to its lightweight profile, Dewalt Compact Table Saw can be packed easily and taken to any job site within or outside of your local vicinity. Top it all off with a high performing 1,850 watt motor, a fence system with 610 mm rip capacity and many other perks, you are looking at the next gen table saw in the market these days.

Stihl MSE 170 C-Bq Electric Chainsaw

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Just when you need a hardy chainsaw with low tolerance against the toughest pieces of wood and solid material, Stihl’s MSE 170 C-Bq Electric Chainsaw can be counted on. It is a multi-performance power tool with the integration of safety measures and versatile low maintenance mechanism. Although this chainsaw is slightly expensive as compared to traditional electric chainsaws in the market, it is a d*** good investment in a rather stable product with a longer shelf life.

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