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Bug Out Bag – Last Minute Essential Items Checklist
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A bug out bag is supposed to be filled with items that you might need in order to survive for a few days. It’s called “bug-out” because when disaster strikes you just bug-out the door with that bag in your hand, and you will already have all the necessities. It is not a full survival kit because it depends on where you live and on your own personal needs.

Nevertheless this list will help you include some items you never thought you’d need to survive. Also, keep in mind that the more people you take out with you, the more basic supplies you will need.

ID or Passport

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Your ID has always been important and in cases of evacuation authorities will need to keep record of people that were moved or rescued. Your ID will help you recover assets you hold and bank accounts, linking you to the life before the disaster.

Meals Ready to Eat

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MRE’s are the best solution when it comes to packing light. Meals that are high in calories, dried, sugary and meaty are highly recommended. Add some coffee to keep you awake longer and alert when needed.

Collapsible Bowls

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Get some sturdy collapsible and flexible bowls so you can prepare and eat from them without spilling food. The base is also great for using it as a cutting board.

Fishing Kit

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Have a fishing kit inside your bag and when you pass a river or a lake, try to catch fish so that you don’t run out of your packed food too quickly.

Duct Tape

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We realized in time that duct tape has hundreds of uses: it helps building a shelter by piecing together scrap items, it can fix your clothes, you can make a pair of slippers or fix your shoes, make a spear, make arrows and so on.

Glow Sticks

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They help you see in the dark when you want to save batteries for your headlamp. The only problem is that they can’t be turned off once you use them and they last from 1 to 12 hours, depending on the size.

Lifestraw Water Filter

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This invention filters the water as you drink it directly from the source. It can filter up to 260 gallons of water and it’s the most important item you’ll need in order to keep yourself hydrated and in good shape, without having to worry about not having water.

Sling Shot

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Preserve your packed food and hunt for birds or small animals. Don’t forget to thoroughly cook it before eating.

Solar Charging Kit

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A solar charging kit can help keep your batteries and other devices alive when the sun is out. Attach it to the top of your bag so you can charge the kit while you walk.


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Figure out where you’re heading by getting as high as you can so you can watch your surroundings with ease. Chose a lightweight and compact design and it will help you a lot.


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A headlamp is perfect because it lets you carry stuff in your hands and see in the dark. It is a very important item that you should always have in your bags when you travel a lot or in worst case scenarios.

Lightweight Microfiber Towels

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Add some towels inside your bag. Always opt for lightweight ones that also dry very fast and are ultra absorbent. Microfiber towels are very durable and easy to clean.

All Weather Blanket

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Get an all weather blanket which holds in up to 80% body heat and is very durable. It prevents hypothermia, and can also be used as a shelter. It’s easy to fold and can fit in a big pocket of your vest.

Cash Reserve

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If you’re not able to withdraw money from your cards in cases when banks are closed due to natural disasters, for example, you should carry with you cash to get more food, transportation, supplies and fuel. Carry change and different dollar bills in a water proof and air tight box to make sure they’re still in one piece.

Lighters, Portable Torches or Firestarters

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Whether you need the fire for cooking, boiling water, for comfort, warming or signalling for rescue, you should have as many items as you can to help you light a fire. Get lighters and waterproof matches to cover all bases.

First Aid Kit

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Get a basic first-aid kit with all you need to treat and disinfect small wounds. You can add some sunscreen and bug spray to ensure your well being.

Sanitation Supplies

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Sanitation is very important to keep your body healthy in harsh conditions. You should have toilet paper rolls, hand sanitizer, soap and mouthwash to stay away from infections and contamination.


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Pack a lot of light clothes, a few changes of underwear to keep you clean and a lightweight jacket to keep you warm. You should also take a raincoat to keep yourself dry if it’s raining.

Swiss Army Knife

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Get a Swiss army knife as a multi-tool and add some paracord too. They come in handy because they have multiple uses.

GPS Device, Compass or Map

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GPS will be the best solution to guide you but if you run out of batteries and you need to charge them, you should have a map as a backup plan. Learn how to use a map and a compass and you’ll surely find your way out of whatever mess you’re in.

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