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Man Grub Guide – Best Cookbooks for All Skill Levels
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Sometimes, cooking is a lot more than just flipping burgers, grilling or speaking in a hearty tone while braising a leg of lamb. By default, we all have the intrinsic ability to cook, but due to lack of practice and knowledge, we often end up burning our edibles to a crispy charcoal variant. This is why the following combination of cookbooks will help you get started in becoming an expert.

Eat Like a Man – Cook Like a Man

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Esquire’s Eat Like a Man is a combination of handpicked recipes. Through the course of over 70 different techniques and interesting guidelines, you will end up learning a thing or two about the kitchen culture and cooking nutritious goodness from the comfort of your house.

The Whole Beast!

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Oh yeah, this title definitely stands up to the mark. Think about all kinds of interesting recipes constituting over different parts of the animal that you are considering for your appetite.

Pickles, Pigs and Whiskey

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This book is for men who love southern food. It has all kinds of drool worthy recipes, alongside an account of interesting tale as the writer talks about each recipe in detail.

Feed Zone Portables

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Feed Zone Portables is about healthy eating for fitness aficionados. If you are a man who likes to exercise, and cook his own batch of small nutritious meals, this one’s for you.

In The Kitchen With Pike Place Fish Guys

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An ideal cookbook of seafood, and easy to master delicacies is how I would sum this title up. If you are living in Seattle, you are well aware of the Pike Place Fish Market. Get this book, and get started on a lifelong journey to cook seafood in the most amazing and easy to follow lingo.

Guy Gourmet

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Guy Gourmet is a gift of recipes from all over the world from men to fellow men who are oblivious to the art of cooking. You will be able to learn about different styles of dishes and healthy eating while being able to keep your waistline in check.

Man Meets Stove – A Cookbook for Men

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Man Meets Stove is a combination of beginner level recipes for men who are trying their luck at cooking for the first time. If you are reluctant about touching your stove, or going anywhere near it for the fear of ending up burning your ideal batch of food, this book is for you.

The Truck Food Cookbook

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The Truck Food Cookbook is a haven of recipes from truckers and mechanics who mostly do their own cooking. There are over 150 recipes in there from people who have mostly been on the road throughout their lifetime.

Thug Kitchen Cookbook

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It’s called, eating like someone who gives an ‘Ef’ about things. Well, that’s what written as the subheading underneath the main cover title. The point is that this is a no nonsense collection of recipes from real men for folks who want to eat healthy.

The Food Lab

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Imagine a combination of fine recipes that nourish the brain and soul mostly. This book oscillates between veggies and meat at the same time. If you are not a vegan, then you can pass up on this title.

Michael Symon’s Carnivore

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Just like the title suggests, Carnivore is strictly meat based collection of some of the finest recipes from Michael Symon. He will help you to buy, prepare, store and cook your meat like professional chefs from all over the world.

The America Craft Beer Cookbook

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Ain’t no cooking without the trailing taste of wine and beer; that’s what John Holl book is all about. He brings together some fine finger licking recipes that involve alcohol as a side ingredient.

Duck, Duck, Goose

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This title is for hunters who are into pursuing game birds and hunting them for the sheer pleasure of cooking. For the most part, the passages and recipes focus on wild flavors of the fowl, instead of killing chicken at a coop and calling it a day!

Fit Fuel – Robert Irvine

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If you are familiar with Chef: Robert Irvine, you already know that he’s mostly into sharing fitness related recipes. This title pretty much covers quick meals for those who want to stay healthy and keep their metabolism at its highest levels.

Haute Dogs

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Hot Dogs are not all about buying them from street corner vendors. This book highlights various Hot Dog related recipes from the perspective of mastering a palette pleasing dish, with the perfect amount of nutritional value.

The Art of Eating Through the Zombie Apocalypse

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This book seems like a fictional novel, with the exception of some of the tastiest recipes that will be there after the great nuclear war, the zombie apocalypse of whatever stuff which will end humanity in its wake.


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For those who want to master marijuana cooking techniques, Baked is literally what it’s all about. Right or wrong, this book is a trove of applicable information that will help you to cook food within the boundaries of legality.

The Star Wars Cook Book

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Starting off from Wookie Cookies and going all the way through various visually stunning recipes, this cookbook is a masterpiece for Star Wars and cooking fans in general.

The Hungover Cookbook

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Think of the easiest and quickest recipes in The Hungover Cookbook. If you are an independent man, this book will help you to cook food through a gentle combination of various techniques. More importantly, if you partied hard last night, and have to cook the next day through a blasting headache, this title is for you.

The Sriracha Cookbook

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Sriracha Cookbook is a collection of enticing spicy recipes – i.e. if your stomach can withstand that kind of goodness. Nonetheless, with a little bit of practice and a whole lot of cookin’, you will be creating some of the most spiciest and tastiest delicacies in no time.

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