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Arrive Alive – A Camper’s Guide to Best Survival Books
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Often times when we are in the wild, we take safety and survival for granted. So much so that sometimes, we take waking up from the comfort of our camps as a God gifted right. Over the extent of many years in the past, numerous campers have lost their lives or limbs to ferocious animal attacks, nature related hazards and other unforeseen calamities – all of which could’ve been avoided or minimized to some extent.

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Here’s a list of survival manuals and books that have garnered immense popularity among typical outdoorsmen. They’ll help you to stay safe and keep your trip a memorable experience by the time you leave and by the time you arrive back home in one piece!

SAS Survival Handbook

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This one’s for survivalists of all age groups. The SAS Handbook is all about the exploits of various terrains, weather formations, navigation tactics and pretty much general information to help anyone walk through the wilds. There are also ration preservation and fear management techniques in there too; they come in handy when you are struck by disaster all of a sudden.

Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants

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Although, I don’t suspect that you will be gorging on plants during your vacations in the wild, but sometimes we are tempted to eat wild berries, fruits or anything which looks tasty. The fact that some of the plants have a rather deceiving look, has claimed the lives of many individuals in the past. This book fills you in on all kind of important information about edible and non-edible plants/ fruit etc.

Disaster Preparedness for the Family

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A true survivalist doesn’t wait for the disaster to strike. In fact, he or she already prepares in advance so that any harmful incident can be avoided at all costs. This handbook is for those people who camp out with their families and loved ones. Think about teaching your family a variety of skills at an early age with the help of this handy manual. You won’t regret it.

Prepper’s Long Term Survival Guide

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The Prepper’s Guide is all about preparing in advance for a number of safety and survival related requirements. More importantly, this book focuses on harnessing the power of nature and sustainable living in the wilds, such as gathering food, water and maintaining energy reserves for as long as possible.

Survival Medicine Handbook

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Survival Medicine Handbook is a compilation of notes and instructions from a wide variety of doctors. These safety and medicinal techniques cover various steps to help avoid or reduce infection from animal attacks, accidents and nature related toxins. In extreme cases, the manual also covers methods of creating splints and support structure for serious injuries.

Hawkes Green Beret Survival Manual

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Short and to the point, The Green Beret survival manual was written by Mykel Hawke, a retired captain and former special services officer. He shares his techniques in layman terms with readers who have little or no prior experience of surviving in the wild. Hawke also covers a number of simple tutorials on creating weapons and traps.

The Survival Handbook

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The best part about ‘The Survival Handbook’ is the it has an extensive range of widely helpful diagrams and illustrations. Most of the stuff is covered in a very easy and general manner. But at the same time, some of these techniques could use more and better explanation. Reader level: Intermediate to Advance.

FM 21-76 U.S. Army Survival Manual

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As the title suggests, this book is more of a military language survival manual for veterans and former servicemen. It covers a multitude of outdoor survival, outdoor camping and safety techniques from the perspective of someone who has field tested everything in there. In worst possible scenarios, you can count on the contents of this book to keep you alive out there in the wilderness.

The Art of Keeping You’re A** Alive

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The author of this book engages in a rather comical manner to help maintain readers’ interest. Jokes apart, the book shares valuable information on teaching men and kids on how to navigate their way back to safety, gathering food supplies, rescuing someone and camping techniques.

Bushcraft 101 – A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

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Dave Canterbury’s Bushcraft 101 – A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival is one of the all-time bestseller survival books in the market so far. He shares each and every technique, day to day rituals and just about anything that he encountered during his days of excursion in the wilderness. The only downside to this book is the lack of too many illustrations.

The Encyclopedia of Country Living

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Although the Encyclopedia of Country Living is a huge book to go through in one trip, it is still important for you to have it. If you are lost, this book can be relied upon for extensive information on how to raise crops for a limited amount of time, or how to create a rescue raft from bamboos or wood. This book is a blend of rancher’s safety manual and an outdoorsman experiences on day to day basis.

Build the Perfect Bug-out Bag

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Creek Stewart’s Build the Perfect Bug-Out Bag is a culmination of all the useful information about EDCs and Bug-Out Bags at one place. It basically means that if you have been struggling to decide between which items to take with you, and which ones to drop, this  book is it. Other general information covers upkeep and maintenance techniques and information about safety and survival equipment.

100 Deadly Skills – The Seal Operative’s Guide

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Another one of those survival bestsellers is Clint Emerson’s 100 Deadly Skills book. As a former special services operatives, Clint shares his perspective on a load of techniques that he picked up along his intense career. Each and every instruction is easy to follow, but takes a lot of practice to master. Most importantly, if you are looking to survive in the wilds without the need of a smartphone and GPS navigation device, this book is a must-have.

Survival Hacks Book – Sean Tirman

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Sean Tirman’s Survival Hacks book shares a combination of field tested safety techniques and mechanism which can make a typical outdoor trip an easy and wonderful experience. They are clever shortcuts on how to make life a little comfortable in the wilds.


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