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Fascinating Tree Houses That You Can Build
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Because tree houses are not just for kids, everyone gets fascinated by their ‘look’, and it’s like living a child dream. These structures are usually built by men, so you can understand why we are fascinated by them. Here’s a collection of more than 20 tree houses that you can actually build in your own backyard this summer.

Divine Tree House

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This tree house is simple yet divine; a project that is totally doable.  You also have a hammock hanging below the tree house if you just want to relax, as the kids play on the deck on top.

 Roost Tree House

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This tree house blends in with backyard. All the materials used for the construction are from sustainable materials and do not damage the trees in any shape or form.

Yellow Tree House

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It is cocoon shaped and illuminated by warm-colored lights at night. The construction involves longitudinal spires which are separated by openings for ventilation and view.  The spires are also bonded together with waterproof adhesives.

Modern Tree House

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Who does not want to be modern? The house interior design is simple and modern. One cannot live in one of these but you can be assured of peace and quality time.

4 tree Box House

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This house looks like a box and is named 4 tree because of the four trees that support the house. The house has a varying transparency and lets the light in and out which also helps in air circulation. It is suitable for warm weather condition areas.

Birds nest Tree House

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Apart from using viewing birds in other relevant perspectives, we can also learn some new techniques of building our houses like the birds nest. The house is designed using pile of sticks to look like a birds nest.

Hemloft Tree House

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This one looks a bit risky, even to me, there seems to be no rails to help you get inside the tree house. Just like a cocoon house hanging on a tree this tree can also be hanged on a slope, in a towering stand of hemlocks. Probably for very sober adults.

Snow Tree House

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To those living in snowy countries, this is a good idea. Those who also love hunting and camping in snowy areas will love this type of tree house. The house is designed such that it provides a good watchtower setup, especially if you are out hunting.

“Cabin in the air” Tree House

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The house is as high as 70 feet from the ground. Those who love viewing things from an aerial point then this tree house will most likely interest you.

Sustainability Tree House

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We want our happiness to high up in the air, waving down to all our troubles below. The house was designed to enable people understand the site and ecosystem on the different levels houses structure.  The house is good for adventuring.

Free spirit Tree House

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This type of house is unique in that the house is spherical in shape in comparison to other houses.  The house sphere is suspended between trees by use of ropes. These spheres are placed majorly in places where trees are tall and scattered for like 5 meters away from each other.

Tree House Dreams

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This tree house looks like something that you will find in the middle of a Savannah trail. It’s about 10 meters up in the air, which makes it appropriate as a wildlife watch tower.

Tree House On The Ball

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This particular tree house is quite breathtaking. You are going to be the envy of the neighborhood if you construct this one in your backyard.
Lost Meadow Tree pod

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Who does not love honey? This beehive shaped house is light weight and impressive. If you want to gaze up at the sky at night then you have two ceiling windows and view the shape of the stars.

Cocoon Tree House

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A tree house for those who just love to sit and watch the sun set. The wooden house is suspended on a huge tree some few meters from the ground.

Bensfield Tree house

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It must be so awesome to walk across a 24-metre rope bridge suspended above a pond. The house can be built around a mature oak which is also the best hideaway for those wanting to get back to nature.

E’terra Samara

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The hugging tree house people say. It consumes less space and is good for a family residence. It resembles friendship, peace and harmony by hugging.

Tree Snake

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As the name suggests snake then you have an idea of how this type of tree looks like. Those who love snakes then you can construct this type of house to always remember what you always love.

La Casa Del Arbol

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If you want to swing at the end of the world soars and sail 2,660 meters above sea level all the time then this is your type of house to construct. It must be fun to have a glimpse at the edge of the world.

Enchanted Tree House

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This one looks like one of those tree houses that you only see in children story books; but it’s actually something that can be constructed. I’m pretty sure the guy who made this one never has to worry about his kids’ happiness; I mean, really?  look at this thing!


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Who wants to see magic? Just like an art of a book, the magical tree is not tired of hosting a residence for some years. This house can have up to 6 rooms if properly constructed.

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