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Survival Items That Would Never Go Bad
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When it comes to natural disasters that might keep you from getting the basic food or when you want to retreat to a cabin and want to have food supplies for a very long time, you have to think of getting nonperishable food items that won’t expire for at least half a year. Some of the food we found lasts for years, decades or won’t ever expire! We made a list for your survival needs when it comes to food or beverages and all of them have a good quality and long lasting expiry.

Dried Beans

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Dried beans appear to be edible and have their nutritive qualities even after 30 years. They are still a good source of protein even after those years!


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Commonly used in land migration, long sea voyages and military campaigns, Hardtacks are crackers made from flour, water and sometimes salt. They are inexpensive and very long lasting and make great survival food next to other dry foods. For a better and tastier meal, dip them for an hour in warm powdered milk and add some sugar or honey.

Bottled Water

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The FDA claims that the bottled water is still good to consume whether it changes its taste or appearance. Be careful to store it out of direct sunlight or in high heat, away from pesticides and gasoline.

Dried Pasta

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Keep it sealed, far from moisture and insects and it will last you a lifetime. It’s easy to prepare and can contain buckwheat, rice, flour, egg and much more, providing a lot of carbs and energy. Add some soy sauce and canned tuna and you’re in for a treat!


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An unopened can of mustard can last for three years and goes bad in one to two years if you open it. Mustard is a metabolism booster, according to an Oxford Polytechnic Institute study, so keep it on your shopping list.

Dried Instant Coffee

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Coffee is known for its boosting effects to the nervous system but it’s also a comforting drink in harsh times. With the various shapes and sizes in packaging, it’s easy to buy single serve packs for an easy accounting of food rations.


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If you find yourself in an extreme situation and need to sustain your body’s minerals because you’re short on nutrients from the food you have, think of taking some vitamins. They lose some of its potency after 2 years but will still have 90% supplement value.

White Vinegar

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An item you can use for cooking or cleaning, white vinegar never goes bad. You can preserve other foods or you can use it as an antiseptic and deodorizer.

Stock Cubes

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Buy “a ton” of these and cook some soup with some dried pasta and you got yourself a sort of hot noodles. Don’t forget to put the cubes in an airtight container because they will go bad in their packaging.

Chia Seeds

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Store them in an airtight container in the fridge or in a cool space and these seeds will be safe to eat for up to a year. They’ll be a great source of amino acids, fiber and omega 3. Spread them in your honey and add some vanilla to make a small nutritious desert.


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Honey has infinite life, has antiviral and antibacterial properties and is a great source of calories. This is a must-have ingredient in your survival kit.


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Keep it dry, sealed and in a cool place and it will last forever. It will help you thicken your soups or sauces so they have more consistency. It can also be used to eliminate odors, sooth rashes or sunburns and untangles clean hair.

Tuna Cans

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Low acid canned foods like veggies, meat and fish can last for 5 years and also be fresh. If the can is not damaged, then it’s safe to eat from. When it comes to surviving, they’re a great source of moist food.


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If it’s a good quality wine, then a bottle can be kept indefinitely in a cool dark place and consumed in 3 to 5 days of opening. Find bottles with real corks because they keep the wine airtight and position the bottles on their sides so that the cork remains moist.


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Pemmican was invented by Native American Tribes and comes as a favorite food for survivalists because it is a long-lasting source of protein. It has dried meat which is turned into powder and mixed with berries and fat. It can be eaten raw, stewed or fried.

Instant Dry Milk

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You might not enjoy the taste but it lasts longer and it’s easy to transport and store. When it comes to real emergencies, having powdered milk will be a blessing.


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An unopened can of olives will last up to three years and will help you make easy pasta dishes or complete your dry based meals in case of emergency.


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The pure vanilla extract has an indefinite shelf life and tastes great. You can add it to your powdered milk to make it taste better or use it in your coffee.


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Non-iodized salt will last more than 5 years and is an ingredient we all can’t live without because food tastes better when you add a pinch of salt. Salt is taken from the Earth and the fact that it can last so long is no surprise!

Maple Syrup

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Pure Maple syrup has an indefinite shelf life similar to honey, resists microbial growth, including mold. Keep it in a cool place or in the freezer and it will last forever.


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Herbal tea is great for your health and if you store it properly it will last a lot of time. The only issue is that it may lose flavor in time.


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Sugar lasts forever and when stored in airtight containers, you don’t even need to worry about moisture. Even if it gets hard, it still is edible, providing enough energy for us to survive and especially to think, since brain relies on glucose to properly function.

Soy Sauce

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Even after opening a bottle of soy sauce, it can last for years if kept in the fridge. It contains sodium, and is a very tasty condiment that you can use to enrich the quality of food.


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Uncooked rice lasts forever as long as you protect it from moisture and insects. It has carbs, calories and protein and when you add a can of veggies, some herbs and soy sauce, you have yourself the best survival food you can find!

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