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Make the Best Out of this Summer by Pickling These…
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Pickling is one of the best memories I have with my grandparents. It was always a once a year event. Nowadays, since I have my own family, my own house and I make my own house rules, pickling is a seasonal thing in my home. It’s still a whole family event; I just do it as often as possible. That being said, here are some of the things we put on brine last week.

Garlic Dill Pickles

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There’s pickle people and non-pickle people. I fall into the former…from hangovers to garnish…it’s a excellent starting point on your journey to a full pantry.


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Easy to make and very versatile. You can never have enough pickled garlic because you will use this in almost any sauce or meal.

Sweet Peppers

Love sweet peppers? Try this quick and simple canning method so that you can enjoy them even after the harvest season is over.


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Best hangover cure by miles. Also, works wonders on your sinuses.

Beet Eggs

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I didn’t really enjoy eggs but over time I learned to love them as a quick protein snack. Definitely an acquired taste.

Orange Fennel

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Fresh, light and filled with that star anise flavor.


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The sourness of the brine and the savory taste of the oyster make this a match made in heaven.

Lemon Cauliflower

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Let’s get things straight, steamed cauliflower is terrible. But it’s a sponge…you can make it taste amazing with minimal effort.

Fava beans

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Great texture and an easy source of protein to add to your chilies

Brussel Sprouts

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It’s deceitful, again sprouts are a sponge. If you make a good savory brine pickled sprouts will change how you view vegetables.

Mint Carrots

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If you enjoy Mediterranean flavors and that mix of sweet and sour – you should pickle all of your carrots.

Dilly Beans

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If you can only grow one crop on your homestead, that crop should be beans. It’s nutritious and versatile.

Seckel Pear

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Nature’s candy. And if you get the brine right, this will be a better treat than Christmas candy.

Harukei Turnips

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This is just a personal preference. I love Tokio turnips. So this is a must have in my pantry at all times.


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This is not for the inexperienced. It took me over 3 years to finally find a good mix between sweetness and sourness.

Chinese Long Beans

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A good alternative to dilly beans.


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Radishes are a a great non-citric source of vitamin C. If you have an ulcer or some issues definitely include radishes on your regular diet.


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Healthy snacks and organic candy. Keep the kids healthy and happy with pickled grapes


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Prunes have some of the highest sugar content of any fruit. Pickling concentrates flavors and sugars so you need to consider that especially if you have diabetes or insulin resistance.


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Unlike pears, grapes and prunes, cranberries don’t have as much sugar and they are packed full of phenols that actually lower blood sugar.


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Asparagus is a great source of vitamins and fiber and is fairly spongious, so you can also make it taste pretty good if you try a good brine.


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Forget all about what you think a mushroom tastes like. You can make these bad boys taste like bacon if you want. Mushrooms are the ultimate flavor sponge

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