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20 Simple Projects Made From Plywood
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If you are thinking about doing a woodwork project that won’t cost you a lot of money, then you’re probably going to be using Plywood. It is very pocket friendly, eco-friendly, warm, and is really attractive depending on how you decide to tweak it.

Also, most plywood designs that have been used to make decorations have been trending lately, so it would be wise to join the caravan while it’s still on the road and try some of these interesting designs. In this slide show I have prepared some project designs that might be of interest to some of you, Enjoy!

20. Plywood Table

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An elegant table constructed from a single sheet of birch plywood. You’ll be able to cut all the pieces you need for this table at home. You don’t need to be an experienced woodworker to do this project.

19. Plywood Hand Truck

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One of the most interesting woodwork crafts. This heavy-lifting hand truck even has wheels, and it is also made from a single sheet of plywood.

18. Eames Chair

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This modern chair design was made using modern woodworking tools, a single piece of plywood and a CNC machine. And for the assembly bit of the project, this guy only used glue and a mallet.

17. Kids Storage Bench

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A thoughtful plywood project done by Josh Rhodes. It has sliding doors which hide the kid’s toys and an easy-to-reach low top for keeping stuffed animals.

16. Rock Back Chair

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This rock back chair looks like its super comfy, don’t you think? Of course you’ll need to put a few cushions, but this is a very good way to use plywood.

15. Plywood Doghouse

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This doghouse project is perfect for dog owners who want to get hands on in creating shelter for their pets. Plywood has been used for the siding, because it is the best material for most outdoor projects.

14. Plywood Coffee Table

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This modernly styled coffee table has a clean sleek look. It has a built-in storage that allows the owner to hide remotes and even magazines.

13. Ply Fly Go-Kart

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What an ingenious way of putting plywood into good use. I wonder how he got to incorporate a foot brake into that thing. And what about a durability test… I smell a crash somewhere.

12. Plywood Sculpture

Plywood normally comes in many shapes as well as sizes. A good way to enjoy working with it is to try Sculpting. This piece is quite inspiring, especially how the sculptor managed to get a clean, flat surface. And the big, soft curves, Lovely!

11. Plywood Canoe

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A photo to inspire you to try and build yourself a stitch & glue kayak/canoe. You’ll obviously need to do lots of research, which will need time, tools as well as funds. This is the kind of project that will take months before it is complete, but the end result is worth the effort.

10. Cool Kid Fort

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A decent project any father would want to try just to put a smile on his kid’s faces. Given that plywood is a very versatile woodworking material and not that expensive, it would be the most ideal material for this particular project.

9. The Antique Clock

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This beautiful clock is also made out of plywood; It consists of eleven laser-cut 3mm birch plywood parts with seven main layers. This is the type of project that needs you to be clever, because it need you to be a bit more technical if you want the clock to actually function.

8. C-Light

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Another cylindrical ceiling lamp made of plywood; it used LED lights and the “cylinder” shape is convenient for local lightning. I can openly declare that this is one of the best lamp designs I’ve ever seen. Kudos to the guy in Ukraine who designed and made this lamp.

7. Plywood Wall

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And some people still think that plywood is useless… This Turn-stone Wall Would need to be designed to fit any wall. If you want to make your wall less boring, let this image inspire your creativity.

6. Wooden Bear Rug

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I just love the versatility of plywood; it can be used for making interior design decorations and furniture. Take for example this wonderfully made wooden bear rug, it already looks authentic, just like the real thing; I wonder what it would look like if the one who did this woodwork went ahead and did some painting and made minimal tweaks. All in all, cool rug!

5. Knife Rack

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This Knife holder design is very practical, and it probably won’t take that long for you to make such a holder. Of course you’ll be expected to engage in some manual work, but that’s what rugged men do! We go hard like that. Expect to do some edging, rounding, gluing and even sanding.

4. Plywood Bookcase

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This is one piece of furniture that you will not miss in most homes. It is also the type of project that will not take much of your time.

3. Super Hero Wall Art

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Another cool way to use plywood would be to make some DC Comic Wall art for your kid’s bedroom. Think About Batman, Superman, and Hulk, just to mention a few.

2. Model Car Shelving Unit

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To me this is the most interesting plywood project in the entire slide. Can you imagine the joy that this kid has, waking up to a Toy Car ‘Truck’ Shelf every morning? Truly Awesome!!!

1. Laser Cut Sailor Boat

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To finish this slide is this beautiful sailor boat that has been made from Plywood. To get this intricate shape one will need lasers to make precise cuts on a piece of plywood. Watch out for more Laser cutting projects in my next slide. Cheers!

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