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The Strongest Coffee Brands in the World
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These coffees will put you in the ground; one cup contains about double the maximum amount of caffeine. The maximum recomended dose of caffeine is 400 mg. A six ounce cup of regular coffee usually has 71 mg. Some of these have over 7 times that. Here’s the complete list, starting out with my personal favorite.

Death Wish

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Believe it or not, the packaging is an understatement compared to the coffee you get inside.

Even the bag looks dangerous

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It’s wise to always read the warning label. Otherwise you get slapped in the face with a sledgehammer’s worth of caffeine.

You know it’s good when the warning label is also advertsing.

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After I calmed down and ajusted to a recomended dose of 10 g per 6 ounces. I really enjoyed it; it’s strong, dark and flavorful.

They are certainly not shy about the health hazards of their coffee

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And best of all it delivers, it’s like prodductivity in a cup. My go-to ever since I tried it.

Alpha coffeI

Image source

This is the coffee that started this strong coffee journey for me. The coffee i made by vets and have a really engaging program where you can donate and ship coffee for them to help other vets.

Gives new meaning to the term military grade

Image source

The coffee gets delivered in air tight 7.62 NATO ammo containers which is a quite a unique selling point.

The metal cup is a must considering the theme of this coffee

Image source

The coffee tastes amazing, and despite being not as impresive as everything else on this list caffeine wise it does it’s job and your money goes to a good cause at the end of the day.

Valhalla Coffee

Image source

Valhalla Java is made by the same company as Death Wish and is even stronger than Death Wish.

Made for the Gods

Image source

If you want pure energy, you can’t go wrong with the lighting of Odin.

This is such a understated pack of coffee for what it offers

Image source

At the end of the day I prefer the smoother kick I get from Death Wish, but if you want to be woken up by a donkey kick, this might just be your favorite.

Black Insomnia

Image source

Created in South Africa this coffee can only be made in a bootleg third world country. Look at that packaging it looks like contraband. And with 700 mg of caffeine, it delivers the goods with a punch.

Very earthly taste and smell you can get as soon a** you open the pack

Image source

If you like dark peat wiskeys, this is the perfect coffee for you, but it’s not my cup of coffee personally

Killer Coffee

Image source

Killer Coffee is Australia’s entry into the strong coffee market and they claim to have achieved this with the weaker more aromatic Arabica beans.

Banned Coffee

Image source

Coming in at 474 mg of caffeine, this is strong but nothing that would have your doctor commit you to the psych ward. The taste however probably will.

Shock Coffee

Image source

Shock Coffee is the first coffee to claim the status of strongest coffee in the world, they don’t, however, mention the amount of caffeine, and only say 50% stronger than regular brew.

Biohazard Coffee

Image source

Out of the lab tests I’ve seen this is pound per pound the most powerful coffee you can buy commercially. It has been measured to have over 920 mg of caffeine per 16 ounce cup

Coffee Crave Fearless Black

Image source

Boasting double the caffeine  and quite a sweet taste this would be the mild commercial version of Death Wish

Bone’s Coffee High Voltage

Image source

High Voltage has a unique taste to it and it kicks it up by few notches. The caffeine just activates your senses from the first sip.

Atomic Coffee

Image source

Another Arabic “strong” coffee but this one is less ambitious, boasting a mere 50% stronger than the “standard brew”

Bomb Coffee

Image source

This is another military themed coffee brand, but this time the coffee is roasted In Rockford, IL.

Perk Up Coffee

Image source

Good luck finding one of these, but if you do, enjoy it, it’s very good and pretty strong.

Double Tap Coffee

Image source

Harder to find but quite interesting, they don’t say exactly how much caffeine they have but they boast about being 4 times as strong as a regular cup.

Red Goat Coffee

Image source

And lastly, boasting 3 times the caffeine of normal coffee brand called: “Worlds strongest coffee”. It’s definitely strong but, doesn’t really come close to the top 5 on this list.

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