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Impressive Projects Made Out Of Bricks
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Bricks are known to be the long-lasting and strongest material in any building. They are produced from different materials, in different sizes and types, depending on the region or time period. Nonetheless they are great when you want to decorate or build something in the backyard like a fence, a fire pit, some birdbaths and so on.

Not only they have to make a nice landscape, but they also are handy when it comes to upgrading the backyard or even your indoors. Spend some time in the outdoors and maybe give some thought into working on one of these projects too.

A Fire Pit

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When it comes to building your own fire pit, it’s easier than it looks! The general steps involve prepping the ground by removing grass and adding paver sand and pea gravel. Then build up the fire pit using bricks, and set the fire pit bowl over the top edges of the stones. Add a seating area beside the pit as per the season’s requirements.

Book Shelves

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Decorate your house with bricks by building a low-cost bookcase. You will need some wood planks and bricks and don’t forget to get some mortar to glue the bricks together for a rustic look or basic brick adhesive.

Raised Garden Bed

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If you want to add some green to a corner in your backyard then consider using old bricks and make layers of planters. It captures the attention and it’s a very easy project to do it yourself. Because of the versatile nature, you can make the beds higher or bigger as long as you have enough bricks!

Perforated Brick Wall

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This may be a bigger project but it definitely is a home improvement. You could add a perforated brick wall to your patio in order to have some shadow while also letting the air easily circulate. You will need a lot of bricks, some special adhesives and quite some spare time to create it.

A Friendly Fence

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Build your fence into a pierced brick design. It looks nice, and when the flowers or hanging plants grow over it or between the bricks, they’ll turn it into a piece of art! The material used and its missing pieces mix sturdiness and reliability with a welcoming feel.


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Place these bricks around your patio table when you invite guests for parties and let them be a nice source of light. They are rustic and are a great decoration for outdoors and the indoors.

A Classic Colonial Bathtub

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Make your bathroom look impressive by using bricks around your bathtub and painting them for a finished look. They’ll have a rustic look and will make you feel like you’re in a cabin.

Exposed Brick Wall

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There’s a trend in using bricks to give the feel of an exposed brick wall inside your house. And we see why it’s so popular: it’s decorative and the colors match any style of furniture, it makes feel like your living dining room is outside in the open.

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You can have an exposed brick wall behind your staircase. It looks like you’re outside in Italy on those narrow streets. This design adds warmth and coziness to your home, also making the most neglected corner of your house a central piece.

An Outdoor Faucet

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Paint your leftover bricks in warm colors and transform an old faucet into a dog waterer which will help your dog stay hydrated when he plays around in the yard. It adds a nice touch to your backyard beside being useful.

A Shower

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Not only dogs love outdoor showers but we also like to get soaked in the hot summers. Adding a brick pavement is the perfect solution for a hippie and natural looking floor.

Bird Bath

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Let’s continue our talk about showers and think of building a small stand for a bird bath. It will bring a lot of chirps in your backyard and will make you feel like you’re in the woods listening to the sound of nature.

A Staircase To Nature

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Make your unused corners in the backyard an oasis of silence and peace by building a few steps out of bricks, adding a small mattress, some pillows and flowers. You may add some lights too and you can definitely spend your weekends chilling in the outdoors.

A Brick Waterfall

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Get some bricks, a waterfall pump and some rubber liners, add rocks and decorate the finished waterfall with pots of flowers for a natural look. This is how you upgrade your backyard in a weekend with little money.

A Fireplace Grill

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If you love sitting near a fireplace or want to grill some meat, then this is the perfect combination. It will take a few days to make this dream come true but it will all be worth in the end. Make sure you have bricks and mortar ready to begin and don’t forget to get some tools.

Brick Edging

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Don’t waste money on edging materials for your small garden! Build it from bricks and find a nice pattern so it would also be decorative. This is a reliable example that will hold the soil in place. You can add some adhesive to stick them together if you want.

A Pathway

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First, you have to think of a path layout and then dig the grass out. After that install some plastic edging to help you keep all the pathway snug. Lay some sand bed before you start setting the bricks and edge the path with a different pattern and color bricks.

A Brick Backsplash

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If you want to update your kitchen with some brick wall to add depth and a rustic touch to your room, try this project. Don’t forget to clean the surface first, spread adhesive and lay the bricks evenly. The wall will have to dry for 24 hours but once that’s done you will add mortar between the joints. After it’s all dried, seal the wall with a brick sealer solution to add shine.

Book Ends

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If you like spray painting, then grab a few bricks and make your woman happy by giving her a custom made book end. Spray paint the bricks and add some gold finish to the decoration, glue them together and give them as a gift or keep them to yourself.

An Arc

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This is a very awesome project. Setting the bricks in this manner, while also holding them in place, waiting for the mortar to dry and making sure it won’t all fall makes it challenging. You should also take into consideration calling a couple of friends to help around because it definitely isn’t a one man project.

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