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Manly Beard Combs Part 2
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While men may suggest that they do not care for maintaining beauty, this isn’t always the case. Men enjoy looking neat and clean-cut as much as do women. But, no man wants to feel humiliated for using a tool help their beauty. Manly beard combs are the trend for bearded men with pride. Here are 20 examples of manly beard combs that do not make onlookers question manliness?
Do you find yourself in dangerous situations and need to keep a beard comb handy?

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If you’re in a tough location where a beard comb may become an inconvenience to carry, one that can be held into place on your straps is suitable.

What could be manlier than a bottle of beer and a beard comb?

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A beard comb to open that beard.

Attach your beard comb to a set of keys, and carve your personal information into the comb.

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You won’t forget to comb that beard, and you won’t lose the comb.

People might say engraved accessories are for women.

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But how can a man pass up a wooden manly beard comb carved by hand?

Is your beard so luscious that it requires not only for you to have a beard comb on hand but beard oil and beard balm as well?

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Why not find a manly wooden case that holds all three?

Many men carry a pocketknife.

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So why not carry a beard comb shaped like one?

If you have a long beard it may be difficult to brush that clean shape.

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Use a comb that is designed as the shape of the perfect beard.

Beard combs can come in fun shapes such as mustaches and still be manly.

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Get that mustache engraved, and you will never want to misplace this cute (but manly) accessory.

It might be hard to grip a small comb while trying to get it through your beard.

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Try a comb with slots for your knuckles so that you have that necessary grip.

If in case you forgot how great the beard life is, you need something to remember it.

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Using a manly beard comb will remind you.

It doesn’t get manlier than a metal comb that looks like a potential weapon.

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It’s always best to achieve the most comfort in your accessories.

You can use a beard comb that resembles pliers.

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Your toolbox will be complete.

In case your manliness is being questioned as you comb your beard…make sure your comb clears up the confusion.

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Skulls and crossbones usually demonstrate manliness.

A fan of Batman?

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Batman may not have had a beard, but that doesn’t mean your beard can’t be a fan.

Metal teeth will untangle knots and smooth your beard.

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They lay right underneath the mustache; how realistic.

Men can’t get enough of their weapons.

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Fortunately beard combs can be shaped like spear heads to give that manly and earthy feel.

Do you have multiple beard combs for different lengths of your beard?

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Organize them.

Are you an artsy type of person? Maybe you like unique accessories?

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Beard combs can be shaped into countless shapes and designs.

The newest Star Wars movie may have come out last year. If you are a fan, we have a favorite for you.

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A Darth Vador-shaped comb will bring your flawless beard attention.

It is always a great idea to have a comb with differently-sized teeth. It’s also always great to have a comb with easy gripping methods.

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With combs such as this, you can have the best of both.

Those who have a fine beard need a fine comb.

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Try a beard with fine teeth to untangle your beard while still coming off as manly.

Is your beard matted and wild?

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Let the world know that you carry a comb for your angry beard.

If you want the world to know you value manliness while also valuing a beard, a beard comb can display this.

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Use a beard comb shaped like a pocket knife and engraved to express the love you have for your beard.

Want to conceal your beard comb?

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Hook a beard comb to your key ring. Nobody will notice the teeth of your manly accessory if they look like the fur of a wolf.

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