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Awesome Tents For Campers
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This is a collection of camps and tents for the typical outdoorsman, someone who enjoys time in the wilderness. If you are the kind of person who loves taking long back-country hikes, or you just want to try-out some new outdoor activities with the family, chances are that you’ll carry a tent as part of your equipment. Stay comfortable throughout the night with these sleeping tents.

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot

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Its platform keeps you high and protects you against the bugs and snakes. It is designed to handle wet weather conditions problems. The inner design also allows you to use this cot as a lounge, a chair and a flat cot.

Heimplanet Mavericks Inflatable Tent

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The interior is equipped with pockets which are sewn-in. Its setup requires only a pump. The frame which is inflatable proves the stability of this tent.

Orange Solar Tent

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The orange color tent has a unique feature in that it gathers the solar energy and enables the camper to access the energy from within. If you want to experience no problems with charging your gadgets during camping, this is the best option.

Glamping Bell Tent

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The tents are good for groups who are living together. They can accumulate 4 people at least and recommended to be used during warm weather conditions.

Tough Waterproof Tent

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Good for bad weather conditions. Has two doors and can accommodate up to three adults. It is affordable and easy to set up.

The Double Cocoon Hammock Tent

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The hammock cocoon-styled tent is hanged in a tree especially on the beach or by a fire. Suitable for all heights and will shelter two adults. The tent has no door thus recommended for warm weather conditions.

Tree Henstile Tents

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These tents are usually pitched between trees. They are easy to put up and to remove. Decent air circulation; Keeps its occupants safe because of the gap from the ground.

Crystal Bubble Inflatable Tent

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The tent has the shape of a bubble and is clear like a crystal that is why it was named crystal bubble. Good for cold weather conditions.

Sierra Shack Tent

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It is cheap and affordable. It is advantageous when you are camping with your family or friends in that you can create a bigger tent by joining two or more several tents with the help of the exclusive zip feature.

Kahuna Outrigger Tent

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It is pulled ashore to form the base of a tent. Can shelter up to 6 people or less.

Shift pod Tent

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Takes three to five minutes to setup; Its fabric design helps you to retain heat on cooler nights.

Bicycle Tent Trailer

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For those who usually travel with their bicycles then this is their kind of tent. After traveling the whole day with your bicycle, you can open the tent and enjoy the comfort.

Lotus Belle Tent

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Tall people would love this because of its comfort as far as their height is concerned. It has two doors which are of the roof vents and zippers, which provide protection against ground moisture.

Bikamper Tent

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This affordable tent is integrated with a bike. It mostly favors the campers who do not camp for long.

Tepui Traveling Tent

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Safari jeep with a roof tent on a camping site designed majorly for travelers; Comes with a mattress a ladder and mounting brackets.  It makes you feel comfortable and secure since it is attached to your vehicle.

Cocoon Tent

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Apart from the double cocoon tent this tent can also be hanged in the tree. It is wind resistant and waterproof.  The tent provides good air circulation necessary for survival for a number of months.

Camping Doughnut tent

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To the doughnuts lovers here is your type of tent. The tent is doughnut shaped as the name suggests. It holds 2 to 4 people at a time and has 4 windows and two doors.

Teepee Tents

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This tepee designed tent accumulates up to 7 people. The tent has a hard cover to help you during wet weather seasons and contains enough windows and vents for ventilation purposes.

Opera Mobile Camper

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It has the design of opera house that is why it is called opera and mostly used for luxury camping due to its design of modern architecture.

Under Cover Camper

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This is a two person designed tent made from the quality materials for the purpose of weather conditions and durability. Its front wall can be unzipped and rolled up during the day to provide free air circulation.

Volkswagen (VW) Camper Tent

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Just as the name suggests, a Volkswagen camper is the same size and similar to a Volkswagen camper van. Accommodates up to three people at least and is waterproof.

Arpenaz 2 Plus Decathlon Tent

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The tent is mostly used in festivals. The two people designed tent has a free standing dome structure. It is durable and affordable. It is suitable for all weather conditions.

Ursa Vehicles Camper

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Comes integrated with a jeep; It adds some feet to the vehicles height since it is setup on top of a car. Its hard cover prevents you from hearing any noise and adds a layer of insulation.

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