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Weird Beverage Flasks for Men
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Flasks have held quite a sneaky reputation since the day they were invented. We naturally associate them with portable liquor carriers, which is why there are so many cross references to them, and alcohol, in a number of commercials, movies etc.

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Sometimes, one just needs to take in a few hard swigs of the neat stuff to get through the day. Originally, made from  pewter, silver and glass, flasks have changed their appearance numerous times. I decided to compile an assortment of some of the coolest flasks with quirkiest designs ever. They are worth checking out, read on…

Top Shelf Flask

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It is a solid container with a variety of color options to choose from. The Top Shelf Flask comes with an 8 ounce storage capacity and double powder coated steel finish. Just the right flask with sleek looks for a laid back man.

Nalgene Flask

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Nalgene is pretty famous for its outdoors gear. So, when they decided to create a flask, they went for a laid back hip design. Outdoorsy folks like drinks too; doesn’t matter if it is spiked or a regular energy drink. This flasks stores up to 12 ounces of liquid goodness.

Franmara Keychain Flask

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This design is the perfect combination of practical application, as in it allows you to store keys, and of course booze storage. What more could you ask for?

Game Boy HipFlask

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All business and games on the outside, and party in the inside. The Game Boy flask carries a close resemblance to the all time famous handheld console, while serving as a hooch container.

Stanley Classic Flask

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The folks at Stanley are back with another astounding design. This flasks compliments the “classic” / traditional flask looks, while offering an 8 ounce liquid storage capacity. This is a high quality no frills design that was made to last a lifetime.

Stone Cask Shot Flask

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Whether it is water, beer or whiskey you want to swig, the stone cask flask has got you covered. It comes with its own shot glass which makes it much easier to measure whatever you decide to pour in it.

Ink Whiskey NES Flask

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Yes, this is another one of those limited edition retro gaming console flask designs. NES will always be the remnant of the gaming era from our childhood. If you remember Duck Hunt, Dark Wing Duck or any of those titles, this Flask is right up your alley, bro.

Cork Pops Flask

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This flask rids anyone of the frustration of how much liquor they’re left with. There’s a small window in the flasks body, which gives you an accurate insight on the leftover liquor, so that you can go for a refill while you’re still ahead.

Evergreen/ Evergrn Last Call Flask

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The guys at REI created the Evergrn Flask to help weary travelers and hikers to unwind after a rough day. The unique package as a rubber leash branded screw cap which latches on while you go for a brief imbibement with your buddies.

Odeme Flask

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Odeme comes to rescue with an exclusive design that isn’t too loud or aggressive. It is like a cool version of the sneaky flask you always wanted have but could never find one. The curved design is followed up with a powder coated stainless steel body. The flask only has a 3 ounce storage capacity.

J.Crew Leather Flask

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Leather has always been part of our history for ages. Think about pouches, storage sacks, water canteens etc. J.Crew, the stalwart men’s fashion company came up with a traditional design for a beverage flask. It has its own leather binding and a cheeky inscription which says, “This way up!”

Liquid Body Flask

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This is one of the most unique designs made for men, which has some really impressive looks. On the outside, this Aeraware flask looks very fragile, but little do most of the folks know that it is more rigid than what it appears to be. The container has a stainless steel build, and holds 6 ounces of liquid goodness in it.

Steadfast and Strong Pewter Flask

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The Steadfast and Strong Pewter Flask is handmade in Sheffield – England. It has 6 ounce storage capacity and retains the classic kidney shaped style over the last few years. Keep this on you the next time you go out on your wilderness excursion.

Vargo Titanium Flask

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This is one of the expensive Flask designs that recently hit the market. Of course, since it is titanium made, durability comes as second nature to this flask. There is an integrated silicone funnel in this flask, which makes it all the more easier to refill as per necessity calls for it.

Filson Flask

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The Filson flask looks more like the J.Crew Flask which I mentioned earlier in this slideshow. However, this flask also resembles the Steadfast and Strong Pewter flask because of the kidney shaped style. It has 6 ounce holding capacity and has a stainless steel build.

The 10 Oz. Flask

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This flask was made by “Best Made”; kind of an unusual name for a company, isn’t it? Anyhow, they wanted to get by with a stay sharp look, which blends in nicely with the U.S. made waxed cotton case body, and overall visual aesthetics.

Snow Peak Titanium Curved Glass

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Here’s another durable titanium build design for people who want a flask with rather a luxurious profile. This flask is expensive, but it makes up for the price tag by following up with a tenacity to retain the temperature. It will keep your booze warm or cold, whichever way you desire.

Jacob Bromwell’s The Great American Flask

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The great designer: Jacob Bromwell opted for a very different approach when he come up with this design. This flask is 100% handmade from copper, it is soldered, not welded, and has a 9 ounce storage capacity. Plus, there is an American birch wood stopper on the top; just the perfect and manliest flask ever to be created.

Macallan Oakley Carbon Fiber Flask

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Macallan is a well known name in the scotch and booze accessories industry. The Scottish brand came up with a aerospace/ tech gadget kind of look with this flask. The sleek color combination and obviously the name Macallan spikes up the price to $900!

Nintendo Liquor Flask

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Yes, there’s one with a Nintendo lookalike design. This flask is one of Matt Cornell’s finest inventions out there. Now only, if there’s another one which says Atari all over it, my collection will be complete.

Cigar Flask

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You can kill two stones with one bird…. Oh wait, my head’s a little tipsy there. Never mind. The Cigar Flask comes with a stainless steel build and storage capacity of 4 ounces, plus 2 cigars!

Old Glory American Flask

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This baby, right here, is the definition of some red blooded patriotism for the motherland. The Old Glory flask has just the right combination of stars and stripes that help to pay homage to the greatest country ever.

Ron Burgundy Flask

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If they can create an actual S** Panther perfume, then why not go for a Ron Burgundy liquor flask. This is a limited edition gift from the greatest news anchor in the history of television.

Moustache Flask

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The image above pretty much says it all. The mustache, or as some people like to say, moustache flask is just the right amount of quirkiness and manliness within a small carriable capacity.

Prescription Label Flask

If in reality, there was a prescription for alcohol consumption on daily basis, this design offers the perfect solution to everyone out there.

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Pull this flask out of your pocket, and you won’t raise any suspicion or eyebrows cos’ you are just doing with the good ol’ doctor asked you to do.

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