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In Case Of Monsters, Use These Kits!
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For those who believe that zombies, vampires, werewolves and demons are real, the guys at ‘In Case Of’ have released a whole bunch of anti-monsters survival kits.

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Yes, these are actual monster survival kits that may or may not come in handy depending on the situation you’ve found yourself in.

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Designed by the creative heads at ‘In Case Of’, a company forged in friendship, these kits are created to handle different kinds of monsters.

Apparently, these guys believe that zombies, demons, vampires or whatever nasty little supernatural forces aching to invade our lives are out there, they could become a figment of reality sometime soon.

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Technically, this survival gear is oodles of fun for men and women of all ages. Regardless of whether you believe in such evil forces or mythical creatures, I think you should give ‘In Case Of’ credit for being creative. Let’s see what their kits are really made of…

The Werewolf Kit – Regular Version

The regular version of the ‘In Case Of’ Werewolf kit is features, 6 silver bullets, black powder flask and a couple of goodies to keep them nasty buggers away.

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Van Helsing would have probably thanked ‘In Case Of’ for doing their part in ridding the world of these monstrosities, but back in his day, the company never existed.

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Therefore, Mr. Van Helsing had to improvise and get by with whatever was accessible to him. On the bright side, modern day saviors can use this werewolf survival kit to save their families, or rescue a damsel in distress. Whatever you choose to do, may the odds be in your favor.

The Werewolf Kit – Annihilation Version!

The werewolf Mark II emergency cabinet was developed with the experienced werewolf hunter in mind. Think of this as the advanced version kit for expert modern day werewolf hunters.

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The HP-IA musket is reinforced in order to hold twice as much gunpowder as regular muskets.

This makes the HP-IA musket a weapon that employs extreme power and increased projectile velocity as well as accuracy.

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So the HP-IA musket, the silver high mass rifled projectiles (designed for high velocity, high impact and improved accuracy) in conjunction with the silver bayonet for CQC (close quarters combat) makes the Mark II emergency cabinet the perfect companion of the experienced werewolf hunter.

The Exorcism Cabinet – Straight Up Execution Version

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This kit/ cabinet is made for men who want to exorcise low level demons. It is obviously not the first choice for those who are dealing with higher level, or advance state demons.

Think of this kit as the apprentice starter pack, get it?

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This handy little rescue kit comes with a large intimidating cross, a blessed protective cross, holy water container, bible, stole and a sacred scroll of abolishment!

The Exorcism Survival Kit – Advanced Version

H*** yeah, now we’re talking real nasty demons here.

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The kind of stuff you see in the movie. The Demon emergency cabinet provides the tools necessary to liberate the body, the spirit, and the soul of the possessed, through exorcism.

The cross is a weapon and a shield against the powers of the Demon. Holy water is the tool that breaks the Demon’s concentration and of course the constraining rope keeps the Demon from unleashing a physical attack.

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Be warned! The Demon’s power is not limited to physical attack. Lies, painful truths, and deceitful accusations are also weapons in the evil arsenal.


Zombie Survival Kit – Long Range Version

The boys at ‘In Case Of’ say that with this kit, you can shoot zombies non-stop all the way to China.

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The stopping power and the disbursement of the 12 gauge short barrel shotgun is ideal for close quarters combat and taking down multiple targets at once.

The hand grenade will provide an excellent way out when trapped or surrounded by large numbers of meat chewing, flesh eating walkers.

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When out of immediate danger, take time to read the zombie outbreak field handbook, probably the most important item in the zombie outbreak emergency cabinet.

Zombie Survival Kit 2.0 – The Melee Version

For those who want to go for a rather up, close and personal experience with the zombies, this kit is the ideal combination of handheld weaponry.

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‘In Case Of’ experts have packed this kit with a machete, a hunting knife, a zombie outbreak field book, and couple of essentials for body protection.

The melee edition Zombie emergency cabinet is not for the faint of heart.

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There is no need for ammo, not excessive need of maintenance and there is no noise but the use of the Broad blade machete and the hunting knife means that, when used, you see the back of the zombie eye in one swift motion.


Vampire Survival Cabinet

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God forbid, in case of a vampire attack, what will you do to outrun those pesky blood suckers? Don’t worry, ‘In Case Of’ has got your hide covered with the help of this state of the art anti vampire kit.

It has just the right amount of silverware, weaponry and the traditional garlic cloves to keep the vamps at bay.

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For the kill, use the heavy duty stake hammer to strike the blessed vampire stake into the heart of the unholy…

Moving on, there are some other anti monsters kit that are worth mentioning. While I was surfing the Man Crates subscription box website, I discovered three different versions of the zombie survival crates. Now keep in mind that Man Crates zombie kits are different and special, because no unit is the same.

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Man Crates’ Zombie Survival Crate

This kit comes with all the necessary gear that’s suited for a lone survivor. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, if you happen to be an independent man who likes to keep to himself, this is the right kit for you.

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Surviving the zombie apocalypse requires you to travel quickly and quietly, and that means packing light. You have to pick your tools wisely and keep them within reach at all times.

Man Crates’ Zombie Suppression Kit

This is more of a suppressor/ advanced version of the same kit that I mentioned earlier. Man Crates created this for those who want to fend off zombies if a situation calls for it.

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This kit does not have weapons, but it comes with some rations, a zombie torch, a serrated knife and some precautionary handouts suited for those who want to stay away from the population during the plague, or whatever’s about to hit us.

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The first aid kit was also badly needed, and the patrol team looked like kids on Christmas when they saw the roll of duct tape. Heck, they even scavenged the wood from crate itself to shore up the gaps in our fences.

Man Crates Zombie Annihilation Crate!

Now that’s what I am talking about. This kit is the manlier version of some good ol’ zombie eradication goodness one could hope for.

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Other than the basic first aid kit, this crate has a hatchet, a shovel (* just in case you need to sever the head of a zombie at the last minute), handheld machete and a knife.

With this kit, it will be all about swagger and bragging about who killed the highest number of zombies by the end of the day.

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Your daylight patrols will be swift, and nighttime aggressive leadership tactics rather more accurate, and on-point with this handy munitions anti-zombie annihilation crate.

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