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DeathWrench Rad Rod Mods for Cars
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This small team from DeathWrench made rat rods cool again. I initially stumbled upon them while looking for some hard rock inspired wrenches for my son-in-law. But after I saw the goodies they had that hard rock – hot rod visuals stayed with me. And two days later I was the owner of an old Lincoln that I’m gonna rebuild this summer. Here’s some of these goodies that I am presenting in hope that they inspire you to do an old school cool project yourself.


Image Source

If it’s going to be powerful, why not let everybody know. From punching the gas to changing gears and hearing that amazing cough, a great short exhaust will make driving your car come alive.

“Pistoff Grip” Bolt-on Shifter RUST FINISH

Image Source

In rat rod tradition rust is a feature, but God d***, look at those details. It’s brand new, but it oozes history and character.

KNUCKLE Valve Cover Wing Bolts

Image Source

Give that engine that extra bit of character with some custom bolts.

SKULL Valve Cover Wing Bolts

Image Source

Not a fan of the skull and bones design, to be honest, I got the other ones, but you know what they say about tastes.

“Pistoff Grip” Bolt-on shifter handle with POWDER COAT finish

Image Source

Most of Death Wrench’s designs come in either a Rust finish or a with a dark powder coat.

Universal Grille Shell with Insert

Image Source

The grilles that they have on offer look like heirlooms from the 30s. You can not think of Capone and Seagal when you see them

14-inch WHITE KNUCKLE steering wheel in RUST/CLEAR FINISH

Image Source

The combination of that Rust finish and the thick layer of clear coat really brings in the age of metal.


Image Source

That thick outer layer of clear coat also smooths out the edges making it a lot more comfortable than some plastic interiors.

12-inch WHITE KNUCKLE steering wheel in RUST/CLEAR FINISH

Image Source

Still better than the interior of a Fiat


Image Source

Here you get a better view of the paracord wrapping between the knuckles. It’s a solid grip combined with the hard iron rigidity of the wheel. I guess it really connects you to the steering of the car in an old school analogical way. You got to try it to understand it.

17-inch WHITE KNUCKLE steering wheel in RUST/CLEAR FINISH

Image Source

Obvious and useless safety warning, don’t steer with your fingers in the knuckles. But come on, how dumb do you have to be.

Weld-On Steering Wheel Adapter

Image Source

Now, if those wheels stoked up some inner fire, fair warning: you will need a adaptor plate like this one for the transition. You will also need to know some welding and check if this type of DIY is legal in your area. And if it’s not, move to a red state.

Bomber Bucket Seat Frames

Image Source

I know the advantages of modern seats but old school bucket seats were the way to go. Look at the size of those frames, you can drop a Lazy-Boy inside one of them.

Nut Buster

Image Source

This is the Ad that introduced me to How can you not love a company that makes a add like this?

Wrench Set with Rack

Image Source

This is the set I ended up buying for my son-in-law. It also comes with a rack which is a huge plus, not that you will be able to lose one of these bad boys.

“Spark Chug” bottle opener

Image Source

This is a cute little something I bought for my grandson… It’s got a subliminal messaging –  I’m brainwashing him to like old engines from a young age.


Image Source

This is so fit for the Rustbucket I got for $200 out of a guys field last week.

“Sleeper” Stainless Steel Vehicle Badge

Image Source

But that’s the point of rebuilding a car, soon that old can will become a savage Sleeper.

Tactical Beer Opener

Image Source

This is Dad’s bottle opener.

Grab-n-Stab engine lift plate

Image Source

Why not lift the engine out of the car in style?

“KNUCKLE DOWN” Tie Down Points

Image Source

You know you can’t get some solid steel handles anywhere. Would love to see them make one wrapped in paracord, that thing is not gentle on the fingers.

The GUARDIAN Hood Ornament

Image Source

Why should Rolls Royce be the only one that has a winged hood? The picture doesn’t really do it justice, the stainless steel finish makes it elegant but clean, metalic and manly. The team did a great job with this one.

“Red Shift” Shifter

Image Source

This is the weld-on alternative to the previous shifters, which are bolted on the lever.

“Blue Shift” Shifter

Image Source

The advantage of the older designs is that you can mount these on your chopper. And that’s a real match made in heaven, metal heaven.

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