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The End is Nigh… Gruesome Gifts for Zombie Lovers
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As much as they have an appalling appearance, Zombies have become more of a fad these days – especially since October 2010 when Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead series debuted for the first time ever on TV.

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Fast forward to today’s date, after so many seasons, the series may have lost its charm or direction, but it still holds a special place in our hearts. This piece of content is a culmination of great gift ideas for every zombie slasher movie, horror movie or Walking Dead franchise fan out there.

The Monopoly of the Dead

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Monopoly’s an all-time famous board game. Over the last few decades, there have been several renditions of it; some in the name of a popular movie franchise, others simply created as part of an original idea. This one here is a real kicker for The Walking Dead fans. It has Lucille, Michonne’s Katana and Rick Grimes’ trusty old hat.

Zombie Bottle Opener

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You can still continue to pop open cold ones after the great nuclear war. This officially licensed bottle opener, measuring in over 3 inches, will make sure all your bottles open without any hassle. PS: No one gives a d*** about licensing and copyrights in the post-apocalyptic time, so don’t worry about infringing.

The Snacking Dead – A Parody in a Cookbook

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What better way to relive memories from an undead flick than to try and recreate them all through a unique cuisine experience. The Snacking Dead is brought to you by the same guys who wrote down ’50 Shades of Chicken.’ It’s a delightful cookbook recipe for everyone who has a knack for undead, severed limbs and gross looking food!

Michonne’s Katana

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The trusty Katana is the perfect gift idea for those with few words to say. Good for decapitating zombies, and even better when slung around the back – cos’ it gives you a totally impressionable look.

If Darryl Dies, We Riot

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This t-shirt features an expressive design and holds a sentimental value for Daryl, one of the main casts in the Walking Dead TV series. Of course, you knew that, didn’t you? Daryl’s a good soldier, loyal, knows how to use a crossbow etc. This shirt explains how one would feel or go through if Daryl gets turned, or dies in the series.

Zombie Art Minimalist Character Prints

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Artist: Ryan McArthur is a recognized individual in the online community for his incredibly impressive artwork. His Zombie inspired minimalist pieces are up for sale at various online retailer websites. You should check them out on the earliest.

The Walking Dead Survivor Robe

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It’s not exactly the authentic TV series prop, but it holds an impeccable resemblance to the real thing. Regardless, you will feel right at home with this robe wrapped around your body. Made from 100% cotton fleece, the robe comes with ripped sleeves and a bottom hem with a one size fits all deal.

Rick Grimes Badge Prop

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There have been more than enough times that Rick Grimes has lost his marbles in the series. Lord knows the awful number of Carl and Rick jokes which plagued the internet since the inception of the Walking Dead series. Regardless, props are always a welcomed addition to any collector’s arsenal. The Rick Grimes badg is a digitally sculpted piece of creativity.

Walking Dead Risk Game

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Remember the classic game, Risk? This time around, there are a whole lot of zombies in there. They don’t impact the gameplay, but they do notch it up a few levels in terms of user experience. You will feel right at home with a bunch of friends while playing this new version of the classic board game.

Zombie Action Figures

Action figures are not exactly the reflection of a man’s masculinity. Here, at Man Stuff, if we were to recommend regular action figures to anyone out there, they’d be interpreted as dolls. You don’t wanna play with dolls, do you? Neither, do we.

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However, the 3D printed high quality renders of actual zombie characters from famous movies are worth collecting. They are pricier, based on actual 3D scans of real characters and come as a limited edition! What are you waiting for?

Walking Dead Lifesize Pinups

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Pinup posters from Walking Dead movies are out there by millions. However, we recommend only the finest and the most authentic pinups that were designed and printed here in the U.S. of A. Check out these lifesized beauties which effectively portray Michonne, Rick and Daryl in an ultra realistic detail.

Zombie Footed PJs

These PJs were made with an awful amount of attention to detail. Notice the gashes, cuts and realistic blood splatter effects?

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I bet if you were to trot around in one of these during an actual zombie apocalypse, them walkers would probably just confuse you with one of their own.

Little B*** Kicker Bodysuit

Coming up with a baby’s name was a little difficult for Carl from The Walking Dead. He wanted to name his little sister: Little A** Kicker, but AMC didn’t sanction it.

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Therefore, they had to settle for ‘Judith’ instead. Regardless, the moniker stuck in a lot of people’s head – so much so that some of them decided to create a bodysuit with the bold inscription on it.

Walking Dead Zombie Guitar Picks

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Just the right gift idea for anyone who plays guitars, and loves The Walking Dead series at the same time. These are 6 medium gauge picks in each pack; they are a limited edition, so grab em’ while they’re available.

Dixon’s Ear Trophies

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Hmmm…. these trophies are an acquired taste. Everyone doesn’t get it, but if you want to remember your kills by their limbs, you can start with by stocking up on Daryl Dixon’s Walker Ear Necklace. It is a prop, but looks very much realistic.

The Zombie Ice Cube Tray

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This one is made for true zombie fans out there. Of course, there are a plenty of ways to freeze water in the refrigerator, but these ice cubes get the same job done in a whole new fashion.

Rest in Peace Hershel

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Hershel may be gone, but you can still relive his memory through this expressive graphic tee.

Zombie Army Men

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Give your son the gift of zombie army men instead of going for regular plastic models. These little fellas are available in green and tan color and are worth collecting.

The Walking Dead Official Magazine

Some people are not content with Talking Dead and online video reviews of the Walking Dead series.

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Therefore, AMC decided to publish a special magazine dedicated to the entire series. Each issue offers in depth inside scoop on what has happened and what’s about to happen in the upcoming episodes of the Walking Dead season.

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