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Cool Shot Glasses for Every Occasion
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There’s no faster way to get drunk than pounding shot glasses filled with your favorite beverage.

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Regardless of whatever you prefer to drink, the following collection of glasses is not only unique, but it’s a great addition to any liquor cabinet out there. Some of them are downright creative in terms of visual appeal and they are worth checking out. Read on…

Bombs Away

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These shot glasses come in a set of two. They were designed by the experts at ‘Fred & Friends’, who’ve had quite a number of accomplishments under their belt for creating attracting shot glasses. The Bombs Away edition looks very cool when it is filled with dark colored liquor.

Mason Jar Shot Glasses

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Mason Jars have become a common commodity in a large number of households. However, when they are reduced to a 2.4 ounce storage capacity, they become more or less the preferred choice for those who like to stock up on cool shot glasses.

DC Comics Caped Superhero Shot Glasses

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These shot glasses are officially licensed by DC Comics, and come in various designs. So if you are a fan of any particular superhero, you can go for the specific edition. Oh yeah, these glasses have capes too!

Bull Shot Glasses

One of my personal favorite is this one. These shot glasses look amazing whether they are upside down or sitting up straight on the table.

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They are already sold out, but the same designer has created other animal shaped shot glasses for retail purpose.

Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass

This is another booty kickin’ design that was made to look like an A2 flash hider from an actual assault rifle.

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Plus, these shot glasses are made from aluminum, which means that you don’t have to worry about breaking them.

Beer Pint Shot Glasses

Just the same goodness reduced in size, but gives an immense amount of satisfaction from within the small contraption.

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If you are not in the mood for a neat drink, flip this glass upside down, and you can fill it with water or beer’ whatever your mood suggests.

Collapsible Shot Glass Key Ring

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This beautiful design facilitates anyone who is looking to store keys, and drink in style. Best to be prepared for anything in life; you never know when you are presented with a fine beverage. This keychain shot glass will come in handy.

Doomed Skull Shot Glass

Not literally the real thing, but this shot glass is carved in shape of a human skull. Once it is filled with a dark liquor, the shape is brought out to its fullest.

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I personally prefer red wine because this design just begs for red!

Red Cup Shot Glasses

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Speaking of red color, the red cup shot glasses are a classic remnant of the age old beer pong culture. They come in a set of four, and are made from high quality durable ceramic. It is not your typical plastic c***.

SiliPint’s Unbreakable Shot Glasses

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SiliPint recently created the unbreakable version of the regular shot glass. This one is made from high grade silicone and make up for a nice addition to a camper’s arsenal.

Shotshell XL

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This stainless steel shot glass is made to store over 4 ounces of alcohol. The creator basically wanted to offer more storage capacity because traditional shot glasses can normally hold on 2 or 1.5 ounces of beverage.

Ice Shot Glasses

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This nifty ice cube tray makes four shot glasses at the same time. You will never run out of chilled booze again.

Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses

These shot glasses are made from soapstone, and are a tasteful reminder of the traditional whiskey stone.

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You can also place these shot glasses in the freezer if you are planning on gulping down a chilly drink sometime soon.

Laboratory Shot Glasses

These shot glasses look like they belong to a chemistry set. They are also a nice gift idea for Breaking Bad TV series fans out there.

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This set includes 2 breakers, 1 Erlenmeyer flask and 1 Florence flask made in the shape of shot glasses.

Shot Glass Card

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If you or your friends like cards, get them this shot glass. They’ll like it in a heartbeat. This “card” comes with a punch out shot glass which looks like a neat stack or few folds.

Star Wars Shot Glasses

Do I have to say anything more? Rejoice in the spirit of the galactic empire’s adventures with the help of these shot glasses.

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They are designed to look like Darth Vader, Yoda and Death Troopers from the actual movie series.

Copper Moscow Shot Glasses

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Yep, these shot glasses offer a coppery taste, while at the same time, they server as reminders of the Moscow Mules from the 1940s. That’s some nostalgia right there, my friend.

Leather Travel Case Shot Glasses

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They look like leather pouches, but in the inside they are chrome plated. These stainless steel shot glasses come with genuine leather crafted snap close cases and are a nifty addition to any liquor cabinet out there.

Glow in the Dark Shot Glasses

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Now you can keep on drinking during wee hours of the night, without killing the buzz. These glasses have a durable base, and they will glow long after the lights have gone out.

12 Gauge Shot Glasses

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Another one of my favorites is the 12 Gauge Shot Glasses. They give a whole new interpretation to the term: ‘shot glass’ because of the unique design and high build quality.

Quaffer Chaser Shot Glass

Last but not the least, the quaffer chaser shot glasses are some great conversation starters at a typical boring house party.

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They are crafted from durable plastic and can last a lifetime without causing any unforeseen embarrassing incidents, such as leakage or breakage or whatsoever.

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