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Gender Crisis 4

Gender ideology, as I think we can all agree upon, is going a bit too far. Deluded by their wishes and dreams and their pursuit of individual satisfaction, they are completely ignoring any biological fact that stands in their way. Their behavior, most of the time, is simply making the world cringe.


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Noone has been born a woman. Seems legit.

Drumpf Hat

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It’s impossible to even know who is what anymore.


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They should simply call you crazy, it’s cheaper.

Feminine Hygiene Products

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Yes, they are.

Say It Together Now

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Biological s**/socially constructed. I don’t think they see the problem here.

The Look

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If only more people stared like this…

Shape Shifter

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Completely normal.


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Hate crime obviously.

Gender Issues Side of Tumblr

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Trying to create a safe space instead of dealing with a problem.

Black Hole Shifter

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Schizo 101.

Gender Game

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Worried for humanity.

Inventing Words

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Let’s all invent our own words, that should be fun. Oh wait, they are already doing this.

Misgendered by Teachers

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Legal action is always a good idea.

Hot or Not

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Everything is a problem with them…

Baby’s Gender

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