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Car Modifications Part 6

Cars are the most popular transporting vehicles in this day and age. With that fact, we have people all around the world “fixing” and designing their own in order to be unique. Here are some examples that will make you hate the owner because he laid hands on the car.


Four Panels.

I think he has a Mercedes.

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You are missing on big wheels.

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How did I not come up with this master idea?

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Danger Ranger.

He is missing the “Don’t get too close or you are screwed” sign.

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A Lock.

And why didn’t I not learn lock picking again?

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Humm This.

He wanted to buy a tank, but they didn’t allow him, so he had to go with this.

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It will be alright, buddy. Hope you find a new owner.

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Let’s hope it is comfortable.

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The car, maybe.

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Danger, the car can fly.

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Front Side.

Get the h*** out of here.

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Missing a part.

It would be better without any part, actually.

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They just want home.

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Need For Speed.

I had this car in Carbon.

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Yellow with spoiler.

You didn’t have to zoom in.

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Old Timer.

The trash is close by.

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Big Wheels.

That’s what I am talking about.

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Actually, this one can fly.

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A Van?

If a van and a truck had a baby.

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You shift gears with a banana.

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