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Absolute Madmen Part 6

People want to look tough, most of them just appear ridiculous with their attempts. Here is a collection of absolute madmen who just want to see the world burn.

Mac and cheese breakfast?!

Source: Reddit

Maybe she’ll have eggs for breakfast tomorrow. *shocked*

Cars suck

Source: Reddit

Yes, he bikes. πŸ˜‰


Source: Reddit

In the face of actual danger. I am amazed.

Dabbing in the street

Source: Reddit

The madman actually did it! So cool!

Ultimate Dare

Source: Reddit

Free smells is the best free thing you can get.

Healthy snack yes!

Source: Reddit

Eating healthy is so badass!

Heck with healthy food

Source: Reddit

Heck with it and get the breakfast meal.

Silly Streamer

Source: Reddit

3 pizzas! Unbelievable!

Toast Freak

Source: Reddit

People nowadays. *sigh*

Coffee Criminal

Source: Reddit

Watch out I am gonna be totally awake!

Street thug

Source: Reddit

Watch out for this hooligan.

Midnight Sandwich

Source: Reddit

It’s dawn and I am making a snack. You know what does that make of me? Badass.

Free Cake

Source: Reddit

Proud of being con men. Well, they did get free cake.

In coins

Source: Reddit

Oh god help us. This person has $1.31 in change πŸ™

Source: Reddit

Impractical Jokers and eating must never coincide.

Bored Duckie

Source: Reddit

Right. Weird! You also happen to take a picture of it.

Midnight Cooking

Source: Reddit

Doing the impossible at midnight.

Insane Purchase

Source: Reddit

He did what?!

Bad Banana Baker

Source: Reddit

At 11:05?! No way!

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