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Gender Crisis 3

Gender ideology, as I think we can all agree upon, is going a bit too far. Deluded by their wishes and dreams and their pursuit of individual satisfaction, they are completely ignoring any biological fact that stands in their way. Their behavior, most of the time, is simply making the world cringe.


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Now they expect from kids to know all their gender names.

The Lego Movie

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Box Office failure incoming.

Your Impact

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Spreading the message.


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Nothing if you are a real girl.

Gender Nonconforming

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The dilemma is real.


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They are starting to face some real logical problems with their ideology.


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Never happy.

Peter Parker

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Since when is Peter Parker trans?

“Science Teacher”

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Not a real teacher, just some random Tumblr scientist.

Language Barrier

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They had gender ideology 5 thousand years ago.


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How delusional can someone be?


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Proud of yourself?

Trans = Beautiful

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And you are transphobic if you don’t like every trans woman.

Not Getting It

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Just look at them. There is your answer.

Bathroom Crime

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Condoned to home prison.

Dirty Word

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Could have chosen anything else…

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