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Awkward Handshakes Part 1

Handshakes seem pretty easy to do, until it comes to the page the mashup between this and the high-five or the fist bumps, evolving into a pretty friendly but equally awkward action. You only have a few seconds to decide what method is being used and respond in synchrony with your friend or fall into the most awkward moment you will ever going to experienced. Some of these cringe moments have been caught on camera and we are here to show you most embarrassing hand to hand mistakes in gif format.

The Politically Awkward Handshake

Source: imgur

Awkward handshake can happen to anyone…


The No-Bro Handshake

Source: imgur

Don’t feel bad if this happens to you.

The Not-Synchronized Handshake 

Source: imgur

Just don’t lose the focus, man!

The I Am A Fan But Not Not A Fan Handshake 

Source: imgur

Stars have known to be left hanging by fans.

The Classic F1 Handshake 

Source: imgur

Speed is not his strength.

The Don’t Leave Me Handshake 

Source: imgur

I see a strong connection between these two.

Maybe Is a High Five Handshake 

Source: imgur

There will be never a right answer to this.

A Brave Man

Source: imgur

The brave ones will hold out for success.

Accidental Handshake 

Source: imgur

Keep chasing this hand. There is a nice-cringe handshake for you.

The Never-Happened Handshake 

Source: imgur

Oh, my manicure is cute though.

The Hug Handshake 

Source: imgur

Worst handshake ever. It is a hug now. Why!??

Are You Gonna Walk With Me?

Source: imgur

…Or maybe nah. Awkward af.

Oh No She Better Don’t

Source: imgur

The ultimate cringe feeling.

The Ghost Handshake

Source: imgur

He ain’t you boo snow head.

Sport But Not Whorty Handshake 

Source: imgur

He is not playing. Not playing at all.

Gamer Fail Handshake 

Source: imgur

They just wanted to go all the way for it.

Live Television Handshake Fail 

Source: imgur

There is no recovery from this.

Fist Mashup Handshake Fail 

Source: imgur

I just feel humiliated. That face is everything.

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