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Internet Intellectuals Part 4

The web is a good place a for people to share ideas. Some do it so well, they become superior intellectuals over others. Here is a collection of people trying to look very smart to give you cringe.

Classical Musician

Source: Reddit

Oh I am just so sophisticated!


Source: Reddit

College level books in 3rd grade. Now that’s just silly.

oh whale

Source: Reddit

That gal dodged a bullet.

Contraction Fight

Source: Reddit

An individual who appreciates the beauty of the English language wasting his time typing all that up.

Why was I banned?

Source: Reddit

Vega 64 is not 1080TI, guys! Don’t you get it?!


Source: Reddit

Something something, my masters degree at a young age.


Source: Reddit

I bet I am smarter than everybody who can sleep easily.

Great Speech

Source: Reddit

You hereby stand corrected, M’sir.

Visual Satisfaction

Source: Reddit

Never knew knowing the plot beforehand makes you smarter than others.

Bless Trump

Source: Reddit

Apparently, IQ score is Trump’s winning factor.

Intelligence Warrior

Source: Reddit

Not only are they not armed, they are not an intellectual like myself.


Source: Reddit

As a self-proclaimed genius, I can confirm also.

Zero bad jokes

Source: Reddit

Today I learned that scientists can’t make bad jokes.

Not trying

Source: Reddit

Again, not trying to be smart, but I am.


Source: Reddit

Just help the kid with his homework, man.

Scientific Calibre

Source: Reddit

This guy is a true gatekeeper.

Big words

Source: Reddit

Big words though, right?

Grammar is important

Source: Reddit

I have literally not scored 98 on anything! I am super reliable, dude!


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