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Simple, Satisfied Guys – Part 2

We are back with some not so simple and not so satisfied guys doing what they do best! Some of the more special snowflakes, if you will, revealing their alpha male skills or unleashing their uncontrollable desperation. Enjoy!

Intimidating Personality

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Equations never lie!

Simple Chess Player

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Getting a women isn’t as easy as playing chess.

Outdoor Fun

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Just playing outdoor with my best friend.

A simple Dogkin

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That’s my best guess, apologies if he claims to be a wolfkin.


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I have no idea what this guy is bragging about.

With my Girlfriend Luna

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The mohawk looks so cool.

 A simple guy Rick

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Please send me your enchanting tunes, I beg.


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4panel cringe never let me down.

 In a relationship with?

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Just when you think you have seen it all, they come up with something really big.


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3000$ sunglasses, The cringe that the post delivers, priceless!

Don’t call me a Neckbeard

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Calm down dude!


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Read all the quotes please :3

The Magnificent Swordsmen

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And brain in my locker…


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You want your key ehe?

The keyword here is “prefer”

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Truly magical.


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Just a simple anime fan, nothing else.

Rarity Rocks Fedora

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Rarity rocks the world.

Simple Afterlife

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Even heaven and h*** doesn’t want our simple hot dude.

New Rare Species Found

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A Happy Couple

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A simple nice guy and a girl good at handling them.

Walking together

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Please go back to your class.


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I am tired with their stupidity, BYE.

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