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Advertising with Memes Part 5

Cringe takes on a new level whenever companies try to meme their way into business. Anguish in a collection of  ? ?LIT AF ? ?  cringey advertisements.

Tumblr App update

Source: Reddit

Even tumblr update logs look like their from tumblr

This is doge meme

Source: Reddit

NSW Gov’t with their memes.

Meme dealer

Source: Reddit

Snapchat please.


Source: Reddit

Animator must’ve had a h*** of a time making this.


Source: Reddit

I hope the students are ready for cringe.

Spinner Harvey

Source: Reddit

I don’t think that’s a very nice happening to cash in on.

Spinner outlet

Source: Reddit

Looks like spinner outlets are scattered across the world.


Source: Reddit

Delete this rn.

Statistics teacher

Source: Reddit

Teachers make memes look unappealing.


Source: Reddit

Emojis everywhere! EVERYWHERE!

Sick Poster

Source: Reddit

I found the motherload.

School Memes

Source: Reddit

Added to the list of things I want to forget.


Source: Reddit

Pick three emojis to  describe the feeling when you saw this post.


Source: Reddit

The title made me leave.

Yahoo Ad

Source: Reddit

What does that even mean, man.

Excessive emoji usage

Source: Reddit

Using emojis really broadens your target audience. It includes cringe channel.


Source: Reddit

Snikers have gone cringe cringe.

No chill

Source: Reddit

I don’t think that’s a good thing to say about home decor, Taco Bell.


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