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Social Media : The Cringe Heaven – Part 7

We are back with gifts from the cringe heaven, social media. From classy fedora to innocent little pony, we have got everything covered!

Favorite time of the day

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Loneliness finds a way just like water.

 I know it all

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This looks like an infinite loop to me..


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Get a new brain too, this one isn’t good at lying.

Sugary Spaghetti

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I won’t be able to lift that spoon.

Son of a ?

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People hitting new lows daily!

Male Feminist

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Wearing such t-shirt won’t get you what you want son…


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My whole life has been a lie.

Fight Club

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Red Tears

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That’s your mumma’s stolen lipsticks.

Not so Tall

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Somewhere in between the giraffe turned into a goat.

Ultimate Assassin

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So scary, I am afraid.

Warm Beds

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TY You.

Lil Pony

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Teacher can’t stop me from cuddling my bae in class.

Cool Taxi Driver

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Sure, sir.

Some More Fur

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Like Father Like Son.

And Some Little Pony

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Imagine getting stuck in traffic with such a car on your side.


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Hi, The Devil.

Inspector Waifu

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Instead of shooting, he will scratch with his claws, if any.

Glory Holes

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Guardian of Galaxy

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Our future is finally in safe hands.

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