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I’m Very Smart, You’re Not Part 2

From Einstein to Nicholas Tesla, even the young Elon Musk, history has seen some smart people come and go, but most of us, the average human being, are not that smart. Never the less, some people really try hard to be (or at least pretend to), here are some cringe worthy screenshots we took for you, just so we can witness what being an idiot looks like.

He can see the future.

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He should buy a lottery ticket.

I can speak to the whole world

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This guys is going places.

Pretty sure the time of the day has nothing to do with it.

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But c’mon, you can’t unsee it.

On top of the world.

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Where we all are.

When you want to meme

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But end up writing nonsense stuff.

Dare you to read the whole thing.


TL;DR: not worth it.

Let’s slow it down.

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So everyone can keep up.


Next level.

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We also hope you could just go away.

Can’t hide

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How idiot I am.

I not only look old.

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Bet he’s 15.

.05% unique

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100% douche bag



Just better than you

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Spelling bee > Novel prizes.

I’m sorry guys

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I’m saving the world.

I’m smart enough

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I guess he’s ugly AND not smart at all.

My current readings.

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Because I obviously have 30 eyes.

Some memories are better left behind.

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That’s a reminder not to post everything.

Join me

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Now everyone’s safe.

Let me share this with you


While you drive your useless cars.

You don’t need anyone when

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Don’t worry, I bet he will always be alone.

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