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Creeps Trying Too Hard

Social media gave the opportunity to lame and creepy guys to freely be who they really are. With creepy comments and messages to girls and publications of their own, they just keep making us cringe.




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Legend says he is still asking for her name.

Creep Guy

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He knows he is being a creep but he just can’t help himself.

The Trickster

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Asking for nudes with Yu-Gi-Oh is some next level stuff.

Forehead Fetish


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But he just wanted to feel that smooth skin…

The Comprehension

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When he realizes what he is.

Not Giving Up

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In time, she might respond.

Twitter Crush

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Overprotective Steve.

Random Guy

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And he is mad about it.


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Comments like these…

Creepy Dad

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That’s why you don’t add family on social media.

Horny Guy

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Asking for nudes in a comment section of his own creepy post is a bit too much, isn’t it?


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Asking too much.

The Opener

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Creepy roleplaying should be punishable by law.

Most Guys Thoughts

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This is what many guys think is true. Seeing this way too often on social media.


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