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Weeaboos Galore

Are you a fan of  the Japanese culture? The weirdness coming from Japan has a new twist once it arrives to Western shores. Our weeaboos try to emulate the Japanese, but the difficulty of assimilating to the Eastern culture makes for a bumpy ride. This compilation provides a glimpse into the weeaboo lifestyle.

Kawaii Best Friends

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Living in the present moment.

Naruto Cosplay

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That friend seems genuinely worried.

At The Anime Club

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“Sorry, I only date 2Ds.”

More Of A Funny One

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Use this to prank your friends.


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Life is tough and he knows it.


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The modern Diogenes right there.

Cena Gets Thumped

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Justice has been served.


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That’s what happens when you tell the truth.

Spiritual Naruto

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Yeaaahh… I don’t think that’ll work..

An Open Invitation

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BAKA! Don’t even think about it.

Female Weaboo

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Y-yes I have a girlfriend. *flees in naruto style*

Otaku Truth

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Oh wow, look, more misogyny from the Otaku community.


Hugs In Public

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Call me old-fashioned, but that waifu is not properly dressed for outside.

Weeaboo Apparel

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He always takes his girls with him.


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Take off the pillow cover and put it back on when it’s safe? I dunno.. just throwin it out there..


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I bet that car goes fast.


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Steven Seagal 2.0.

Living The Life

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Life Lesson: Anime pillows can save you a lot of trouble.

Fair Comparison

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Picking the lesser of two evils has never been this hard.

As Waves Crash 

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Some animes have a happy ending.

Anti Normie Shirt

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The sticky hairdo is another convenient normie repellent.

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