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Neckbeards Cringefest Part 3

Here we are again with another compilation of neckbeards with their fedoras and their weird internet presence. These is a collection of active protesters of the white knights guild.

Gift from God

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Women gladly accepted the gift.

Breakfast with Waifu

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We all know that the guy who took this photo had a fedora on.

Intellectual Being

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Please be the first to message, ladies.

Assassin’s Cringe

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He must be the biggest fan of the game.

Edgy Swordsman

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Great. Now the attic is infested with cringe.

Great Pick-up line.

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A true ladies man.

Looking for a roommate

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Part of the deal is that you have to deal with my cringiness.

Dear Girlfriend

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Good guy looking for love.

Ninja Squad

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Hand over your burgers.

Nice ride

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A knight and his magical chariot beside him.

Profile Picture

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I don’t even know what’s happening in this photo.


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Those banner shields would really make a statement.


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Those swords just make you 100 times better looking.

Beautiful Selfie

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Oh so all the hair came from the chicken?

Fedora and Lantern

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Acne, fedora, and cringe. The perfect combination.

The Gang

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These badasses just skipped school.

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