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Rolling In The Deep Cringe: Part 3

Being a philosopher on social media is a risky task. It can be hard to get your message across, and sometimes the message isn’t that good to begin with. Is that the case with our friends in this slideshow, or will they show us just how deep the rabbit hole goes? It’s time to find out.

If I were a..

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It sunk deep son.

Sneak Peak

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Eye parasites are the worst.

The Arm That Stretches Longest

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Has anyone else realized that Teletubbies are alien furries? That’s deep.

The Fool’s Game

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In the end, the fool is the one who ends up LARPing too hard.

The Cake Analogy

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Hey, I’d eat her.

Brain Child

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Chidren are always on his mind.

Insta Romantic

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It’s simple – nice tush = nice personality

Eternal You

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The you you are now is the same you I cringed to yesterday the same you I’ll cringe to tommorow.

Changing Lights

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That’s how it works.

Cycle of Life

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Taking it a bit deeper, you will also die on one of those 7 days in a week you take for granted. Makes one wonder..

United By Tools Of Science

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When you have a Ph.D. in cringoastrophysics.

John Connor


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“Potatoes” would be a more accurate description.

Nature of Photos

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How can a photo be real if our eyes aren’t real?

Hardcore Poet

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“- by me” never fails to dissapoint

The More You Know..

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There is some heighteism going on here.

When You Quote Yourself

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The starry night background doesn’t help either.


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That would be a real head twister.


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Try wrapping your head around that one. Meet you on the other side.

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