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Bronies Are Back

It’s true, bronies are not going away any time soon. The MLP fanbase is vast, and hardcore bronies are created every minute. The distopia of male pony affection cannot be stopped, but at least we can cringe while doom approaches.


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Like Orwell said; who controls the past controls the future.

Tough Collector

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He gets what he’s after. Always.

Oh my..

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Rainbow Dash finally has some curves going.

Full Gear

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When a king meets his queen.

Flutter Shy

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A striking resemblance indeed.

Brony Mobil

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Toughest brony on the block.

The Vendor

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“Those are not for sale!”


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He’ll never play Truth or Dare again.


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Ah yes, the unpredictable bad boy look.


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That kid will be faster than lightning.

Le Reaction

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Just how I imagined it.

Feels Like Heaven

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“Mom, can I stay here foreveeeer?? Pleeeaase?”

Best Man Ever

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He just told them that Flutter Shy is prego.

Rod Stewart

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Hey man, I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?


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It does seem unlikely.

Selfie Time

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A classic hover hand.

Twilight Sparkle

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Weirdest turtle ever.

The Hangout

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Friendship is magic indeed.

Newly Weds

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Some stories have a happy ending.

The Command Station

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I’m starting to see the appeal..

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