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Mildly Infuriating Cringe: Part 3

Regular daily life brings with it plenty of cringey annoyances. Some are easy to pass over and forget about. Others though are too ridiculous and bring out our red, steam blowing face out in the open. If you’re trying to raise your immunity to such cringe, this compilation might help you achieve that goal.

The Numbers Game

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The only positive is not having to live there.

Emoji Romance

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Shakespeare doesn’t deserve this.

Medium & Large

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Can you tell the difference? Me neither.

Shades For The Upper Class

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Someone’s been reading “Art Of The Deal”.

Ant Invasion

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It would be really satisfying to see an ant eater vacuum them up his pipe.

Street In Prague

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When a Czech has a beer too many.

Fixed It

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There are too many things wrong here to pinpoint.

Organic Cleaner

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You know it’s time for a t-brush change when this happens.

Neighbours Aggravating Mat

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Maybe he doesn’t want any friends.

Fixed It #2

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All in all it’s just a… smaller wall in the wall.

T-Shirt Design

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The shirt that will keep them guessing.


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Speaking as a professional here, this is really painful…

The Tilt

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It’s time to smash the wall.

Visually Oriented

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Soon we’ll be back to cave paintings and hand signs.


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The negative effects of solipsism.

“Give Up”

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The sound is really good though.

Extra Safety

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It’s more of a psychological barrier.

Purple In A Sea Of Blue

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That must be the executive lounge.

Avocado Surprise

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Biodegradable bicycle helmet right there. Go green!

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