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Russian Profile Pictures

Russia is a very different place than rest of the world. Not only their alphabets and language is different, but also their lifestyle. They pull off some pretty strange and weird stuff occasionally. The following pics are actual profile pictures taken from Russian social media network vKontakte. Enjoy!

Lone Warrior

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Our fate is in his hands.

Carpet is Love, Carpet is Life

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Obviously their wall carpet is their favourite background.


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What’s this? What are they even trying to do?

Dr. Octopus

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I have no idea why a sane person will photoshop himself into something like this and keep it as profile picture.

TRASHY is the new SEXY

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Guys must be roaring to take a dumpster dive.


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Let me give you a new nightmare…

Love Birds

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Even Australia doesn’t have such weird animals,

 P**** Cat

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This is clearly not the sexy cat look.


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I have no words lmao xD


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Fully clothed in an empty bathtub with a grubby background, things can’t get much hotter than this.

Egypt Attraction

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Why choose to be a human when you can be a Sphinx?


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Things getting really hot here.

The Mermaid

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Finally things start getting cool in Russia.

Posing with roses in toilet

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Just a different way of expressing love.

The Gladiator

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Why to fear when he is here to protect us.

Some more grubby bathroom in background

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This is also extremely turning on stuff.

Ole Ole

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You can’t set profile picture of you shaving isn’t written in any books.

Odd Man Out

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Can you spot the difference her?


Media Source

Keep scrolling.


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Why? Just WHY?

Combo For You

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Just because we love you so much, here’s some extra stuff.


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The shed is definitely the perfect sexy background.

Double Trouble

Media Source

Carpet+Legwarmer, can things get any better??

Nearing the End

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Note: Don’t peek in his skirts.


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Leaving you with this cute mermaid, BYE.

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